Dudley FADC problems?

Quick question for all you trying to learn Dudley. Do any of you have problems with FADC ultra on this character? It seems like when I input the ultra, most of the time other moves come out. For example ex machine blow or ex jet upper comes out instead of ultra. At first I thought I was doing it wrong, but when I went back to ryu and other sf4 vanilla characters, it was perfectly fine. 90% success on player 2 side with the old characters. I have no idea why ultra is being eaten up by other moves. It’s really frustrating.

If anyone has this problem let me know. Any tips to fix this will be greatly appreciated

Haven’t really noticed it for myself, I think because his Ultra needs to come out quicker in order to connect compared to like Ryu’s fireball ultra so you tend to rush your inputs a bit more and might miss.

Why are you using fadc ultra anyway? You don’t need it. :confused: And this thread needs closing, there’s already a Q and A thread.

You can’t have sloppy inputs like you did for ryu or ken. Turn your inputs on in training and watch to see if you go into back down during your motion, thats enough to register for a half circle motion. Its really not a necessary requirement as Dudley doesn’t need to waste two bars to fadc a srk when he can land ultra anywhere on screen with 0-1 bars.