Dudley for Noobs


fierce-hook XX round-house
can’t add jump in ,if that happen , it change to fierce-uppercut…which cannot chain round-house
this 2 hit is damaging, fuckin stuns…

dudley …
jump-in-round-house ,1(jab),2(strong),3(forward ) xx EX-MGB …


Dudley’s jab, strong, forward chain -> EX MGB will only connect if the opponent gets stunned midway, (i.e., before the combo gets to EX MGB). forward just doesn’t have enough hit stun to provide EX MGB ample time to get “there.” you can, however, substitute jab MGB or strong MGB for the EX version. those 2 work just fine, with or without the opponent getting stunned beforehand. if you want some flash, do jab, strong, forward -> duck xx super. looks pretty good :cool:.

here’s some so. cal Dudley (VictoLy) matches…

under 3s requiem


I primarily use Dudley to work on the stun gauge with those chains of his. And when the opponent is blocking it’s machine gun punches to chip off damage and to get into throw range as well.

Switch up the chains with combos to keep you opponent guessing and learn to parry, don’t rely on Cross Counters.

And don’t jump unless you see a 100% sucess of landing a combo.

Corkscrew Blow works nicely since there is 3 to store up on …which also means you can use some EX moves without wasting a chunk of power from a 2 or 3 stock gauge.
that way you can do an EX move cancel into a Super Art (Dudley deals devestating damage when EX cancle into Super Art…plus it looks so damn stylish).

If you see an attempting a jump-in attack:
1.Parry-critical to learn
2.EX Jet Uppercut-if you have the power stocked in your gauge
3.HCB+K-if you aren’t in a corner this is a wise choice of defense plus you can cancel into a super art (Rocket Uppercut hell yeah!)from it to let them be wary of jumping in on you
4.Cross Counter-thia should be a last resort …if you got some Super Art power to spare use EX Cross Counter.

If you have an opponent who’s “sky happy” mix these tactics up and tax him/her hard.

Dudley can gather a ton of Power for the Super Art gauge by his chain hits,plus if you use Corkscrew Blow by the time you do a couple of chains on him he should be Dizzied and you got a full Corkscrew Blow to use in a combo with.And when they are Dizzied then you jump in on thier ass make that combo count.
suggested jump in combo:
jumping Roundhouse,standing Strong,Fierce Jet Uppercut(EX version if possible), Cancel into Corkscrew Blow,

When throwing use the “Gut Punches”…it helps to stun them more.

One last thing, it may sound funny but if they are playing “keep away” with fireballs parry (parrying projectiles is the easiest to learn of all parries) and Taunt them cause they forget that dudley throws a rose at them and they get a little tick damage from it but it should mainly use to screw up thier timing and stopping them in mid move of a special or even a super…I’ve seen it happen and a player can get so screwed up ,you could sneak in a Machine Gun Punches.“CHIPS AHOY!” on them if they block and then use the Gut Punches throw on them.:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, i don’t think that the anti-keep away tactic you thought of is as good as you may think. while a rose can be good in certain situations, doing it from far away could be suicide (think SA3 urien, SA1 Ryu, and SA2 Chun). Plus, Remy, arguably dudley’s primary counter character, has that charge buffering crap going for him. To throw a rose is an invitation for him to land a few more hits then running away again.

The rose followed by mgb/EX mgb thing used to be pretty big, until people got smart and could parry the mgb easily, when they realized that Dudley has to wait for the rose to hit, too. I guess it can work on people who’re just about dead, but, i wouldn’t take that risk. People are already desperate enough as it is when they’re down below 1/4 life.

Also, how are you going to be 100% sure of success in the middle of a match with someone that’s on an equal level as you? No offense, I understand that you mean to say to jump in when it’s safe, but, if you only jump when you’re absolutely certan that you’ll connect, then you probably focus so much on seeing those opportunities that you can miss out on the ground game stuff. Jumping can be pretty good if you’ve got the momentum going, though.

Lastly, Rocket Uppercut may not have as many stocks as SA3, but, the amount of EX meter used to do ex mgb combos can easily be gained back after a few s.RH’s. so while I think you’re kind of dead-on about using Corkscrew blow for its multiple stocks, it’s possible to play with SA1 in such a way that “meter deficit” problems go away.

Good stuff, though, just thought I’d bring those notes up.

I agree, jumping with Dudley is fine in a lot of situations IMO (except against the obvious examples such as Chun with SA2, etc…). His jump is quite low and fast so it’s hard to anticipate and punish. Also the fact that he can mix up the timing on his jump-ins so well and that they can hit low pokes easily means that most players are going to take a defensive stance when Dudley jumps in. Teching becomes a huge risk because of short swing blow into super, and using anti-airs can be risky since Dudley gets so much damage off EX MGB combos if he parries. When Dudley jumps in, you better block or get the hell outta here because chances are you’re going to take a shitload of damage if you don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m obviously not saying that Dudleys should be jumping around everywhere around the screen because his anti-airs are quite solid and he’s good at keeping a lead, but I think Dud is actually one of the characters who can get away with jumping a lot to create opportunities when he really needs to.


Dudley’s low jump is generally a great thing, but it actually hurts him against Oro.

One reason is that it leaves him highly susceptible to standing roundhouse. This move is a good anti-air but it loses to moves that hit at a downward angle. The only thing Dudley has that fits the bill is a super-early jump roundhouse, and if he gets too used to that then start parrying. Or just duck under it and proceed to enjoy the free chicken combo. :smiley:

The other reason is that his jump makes it very easy for Oro to dash under him and land the chicken combo. With most characters you have to be extremely far away for this to work, but Dud allows you to be at a more realistic fighting distance.

Just my .02,


Dudley has a licence to jump. but as said earlier, too much of it can hurt Dudley. i’d like to add that jumping in against Ken is also dangerous. Ken can do an early far standing fierce which is essentially super safe and he can also dash under and hit with c. shorts -> Shippu. i guess this also works for Ryu.

if Dudley’s jump in is blocked, he’s still very much in control due to the fact that he can go into a super art high or low. people tend to block low immediately after blocking a jump in attempt, so go for towards + roundhouse -> super if your jump in is blocked. you can then vary that with c. shorts -> super or c. roundhouse -> juggle.

regarding anti-airs, i find it better to use either standing strong or standing roundhouse as you can chain/buffer into something else if it is parried all the while dictating the parrying pace. if people start to attempt multi-hit parries, just stop a hit early and wait for them to land and either throw them or do Short Swing Blow. you can even try to hit them low. TONS of options. i’d just save the EX Jet Uppercut for something else.

give em teh bidness elbowww :slight_smile:

i see thanks kal …

he’s still good without combo-chains

Kaiser Durden, my fellow Clevelander: Ok, dude, I seriously need to hook you up with some Japan videos. No offense, but there’s some wrong stuff in your post…like, for instance, most characters (if not everyone) can punish Machine Gun Blow if they block it. Here are some other bits of advice:

  • S.roundhouse is Dudley’s strongest cancellable normal. Use this in your jump-in combos rather than standing strong or whatever. It also makes a pretty good poke.

  • When throwing, neutral is the worst one to use in most cases. It tends to do less damage than his other throw, and (more importantly) the other one is better at getting them into the corner.

  • Another thing you can do for anti-air is s.strong or s.roundhouse. If your opponent parries this, you can cancel it into MGB or Corkscrew Blow to try to screw with them.

  • HCB+K is actually a great offensive as well as defensive move. If you’re at an advantage and your opponent tries to throw or do some other attack, this will dodge it and hit them. You can cancel it into super on reaction for great overall damage. I think it’s safe on block as well, so this is a very good gamble to take every now and then.

  • Jumping is good for more than just combos. J.roundhouse has excellent priority at its tip, and on block it puts you at advantage and allows you to force your mixups. If it hits you can always get a Rocket Upper when you land (though not with Corkscrew, you have to wait a little bit before you do the roundhouse there).

You’re not off to a bad start from what it looks like, but we seriously need to play sometime. =)


I just started warming up to SF3ts again ,I am primarily a Neo Geo player but I have been known to pick up a Capcom game here and there.
So far my stategies for Dudley work for him when I use him Besides…I don’t give away all my tactics.
I usually seriously play Yang,Ken and Hugo but lately Dudley has caught my fancy.Usually my hardest matches with him are Chun Li ,Yang and Yun so I am giving my stategies based on bouts against them.
Besides just cause I don’t play the sames as everyone else dosen’t mean I am wrong.

Yeah…we totally need to get together Josh.

I don’t think he’s saying you’re wrong. It’s just that some of your tactics aren’t as safe as you may think (or at least there are safer alternatives). I agree. You seem to have a good grasp of how to play dudley. However, since we haven’t actually seen you play, we don’t know how much you mix up or what mindgames you use. All we have is what you post, which is probably why he wants to play you sometime, to see how you integrate what you say into your overall game.

There’s no hatin’ in here.

I generally use corkscrew blow when I play for real and rocket uppercut in casual. Lately I’ve realized that rocket seems to have really high priority (I used it as a meaty today haha). But seriously, is this true? I think I remember kal el saying he wanted corkscrew in his av but it would get eaten up by a hyper bomb (maybe I’m making that up).

Also, I used to do s.rh, rh duck and super if it hit, or throw if blocked. However, people started catching on and teching or throwing me. So now I use s.rh, mk duck because the super will still hit, but you stay out of throw range.

no, but because everyone else plays and sees high level gameplay and has established more optimal ways to play. since you don’t play the same as them, you are playing against weaker competition, and thus, would get raped by higher level play. :stuck_out_tongue:


Rocket Uppercut does have more priority than Corkscrew. i really don’t know what determines a move’s priority, but seems to me that anything that remotely resembles the ahem almighty Shoryuken automatically gets high priority. i remember Mopreme saying that Sean’s Shoryu-Cannon will beat Ryu’s Shinshoryuken :eek:. weird, but hey, that’s 3rdStrike for ya.

back to Rocket Uppercut and Corkscrew Blow, one example i can give ( besides Hyperbomb snagging Cork ) is Yun’s shoulder move ( srk motion-------don’t know the name ) when in Genei Jin. if Yun does the move and Dudley does Corkscrew, they will either trade hits ( ala KO winning over Daigo in “game” 5 of their best of 7 in last year’s EVO ) or Yun will beat it cleanly. now if Yun does the same move and Dudley goes into Rocket Uppercut, Dudley will snuff Yun completely. regarding Hyperbomb beating Corkscrew, i didn’t test that out personally, but SlimX did. when Slim was making my avatar, i asked him to put Corkscrew Blow since that was the SA i was using at the time ( i’ve since been converted to Rocket :lol: ). So Slim tested it, and yeah, Alex grabbed Dudley. so when he suggested i just have him put Rocket, it worked. Dudley smacked Alex. there ya go :D.

super arts “priority” is dependant on the invincibility of the supers. frame data is the key. shoryu cannon beats shin shoryuken at same activation because shoryu cannon has a 10 frame invincibility after activation, while shin shoryuken only has a 9 frame invincibility after activation.

another determinant factor is the “hitbox” calculation. because 3S uses a “perfect hit” detection (read: there are no real hitboxes), an uppercut will logically beat out more things than a straight punch. for the most part, the perfect hit collection works very well (which is why i prefer 3S over bullshit such as CVS2).

corkscrew blow has 1 frame invincibility and hits the frame afterwards…
rocket uppercut has a 4 frame invincibility and hits on the 2nd of those 4 frames…

thus, corkscrew is vulnerable to getting hit, while rocket uppercut is not. get it?

Rocket Uppercut beats out Shin-sho too

I want a Rocket Uppercut vs. Shin Shoryuken frame breakdown analysis please.


i’m a tad lost here regarding Rocket Uppercut snuffing Shinshoryuken.

Rocket has a 4 frame invincibility and hits on frame #2 of those 4 frames, correct?

Shinshoryuken has 9 frames. so how exactly does Rocket beat Shinsho?

just need some clarification, thanks :D.