Dudley Guide to end all Guides. ( Covers Everything )

Complete In-Depth Dudley Guide. v1.0

**This guide is a community effort so feel free to share some info if I miss anything(I’m pretty sure I dont know everything lol). Also link me to good quotes and I’ll include them in a section at some point.
Don’t talk about sections I havnt put up yet, I’ll have everything covered besides a few match ups by the end of the first week of August. **

v.1.0 References:
Dudley (SSFIV) - Shoryuken Wiki
Dudley’s Frame Data Super Street Fighter 4 : EventHubs.com
Street Fighter IV - Shoryuken Wiki. Own experience otherwise.
v1.0 -Note I’m using notepad so I’ll edit my grammar errors over time, so no need to point every single one out. I’m sure there’s a load of them. Match ups are going up last so everyone will have some input on them in the other threads.
Main reason behind this guide is to help create more Dudley players. There simply isn’t enough of us out there and this cluttered board isn’t organized enough to help the new Dudley players. An all in one guide that’s updated every other day will keep old and new players coming back hopefully.**

List of terms to know:
Appendix:Glossary of fighting games - Wiktionary
Street Fighter IV - Shoryuken Wiki

Table of Contents
A. Complete guide of all of Dudleys moves. Aerial and Grounded normals, Unique Attacks,Target Combos, Special, Super, and Ultra attack, and special.
B. Bread and Butter links and combos (counter hits not included)
C. Anti Air game.
D. Footsy game.
E. Option Selects
F. Advanced Links (c.HP and target combo links)
G. Option Selects
H. Counter Hit Combos
I. Character Match ups ( Punishes, recommended footsies, recommended option selects, ect. )

A. Complete guide of all of Dudleys moves. Aerial and Grounded normals, Unique Attacks, Target Combos, Special, Super, and Ultra attacks.

Grounded Normals
Standing/Crouching LP: Standing (+3 on block +6 on hit) Crouching(+2 on block +5 on hit)
Cancelable. Standing LP whiffs on most crouching characters.characters.
Links into:
Standing LP: standing (LP, MP, HP (far 1 frame link), LK, HK) crouching(Lp, Mp, Lk)
Crouching LP: standing (LP, LP, MP, LK) crouching (LP, MP, LK)
Cancel/Combo into: Low Machine Gun Blow, Low,Medium,High,EX Jet Upper (close).

Standing/Crouching MP: Standing (+3 on block +6 on hit) Crouching (-1 on block +4 on hit)
Cancelable. Whiffs on most crouching characters.Good meaty attack. Recommend using Standing MP to start block strings.
Links into:
Standing MP: standing (LP, MP, HP, HK) crouching (LP(close mp), MP)
Crouching MP: standing (LP, HK(1 frame link) crouching ( LP )
Cancel/Combo into: Low/Medium Machine Gun Blow, Low,Medium,High,EX Jet Upper (close), Low Duck Upper

Standing/Crouching HP: Standing (-4 on block +0 on hit) Crouching (-1 on block +4 on hit)
Standing HP is Super Cancelable. Great range on this poke. Far Range Punish (Example Cody’s Criminal Upper) Crouching HP is a great anti air( requires timing due to start up) Crouching causes force stand.
Links into:
Crouching HP: Standing( LP, MP, HK) Crouching (LP)
Cancel/Combo into: Standing HP ( Super )

Standing/Crouching LK: Standing (-1 on block +2 on hit) Crouching (+1 on block +4 on hit)
Cancelable. Standing Lk great for tick grabs. Crouching LK makes a great meaty and hit confirm.
Links into:
Crouching LK: standing ( LP, MP, HK ) crouching ( LK )
Cancel/Combo into: Low Machine Gun Blow, Low,Medium,High,EX Jet Upper (close).

Standing/Crouching MK: Standing (-1 on block +2 on hit) Crouching (-6 on block )
Standing MK is a great anti air and causes force stand. Crouching MK adds knockdown and juggle versus airborne characters.
Links into: Nothing
Cancel/Combo into: Crouching MK ( Low Machine Gun Blow, High,EX Jet Upper, Ultra 2 (Corkscrew Cross ))

Standing/Crouching HK: Standing (-3 on block +2 on hit) Crouching (-8 on block)
Standing HK is Cancelable, and High priority counter poke. Crouching HK adds juggle.
Links into: Nothing
Cancel/Combo into:
Standing HK ( Low/Medium/High/EX Machine Gun Blow, Low/Medium/High/EX Jet Upper, Duck Upper/Straight, Low Short Swing Blow.
Crouching HK ( Low/Medium/High Machine Gun Blow, High/EX Jet Upper, Duck Upper/Straight, Crouching HK( 2/3 hit combo with meaty 2nd c.HK), Ultra 2 ( Corkscrew Cross )

Aerial Normals

Neutral LP: (Startup 4, Active 3) Great range. Used as an air to air to beat jump ins, and corner escapes.
Toward LP: (Starup 4 Active 5) Decent Range. Cant be used to start 50/50 reset game.

Neutral MP:
Toward MP:

Neutral HP:
Toward HP:

Neutral LK:
Toward LK:

Neutral MK:
Toward MK:

Neutral HK:
Toward HK:

Unique Attacks (see link section for possible links)

Slipping Jab (Forward+LP): (-2 on block +2 on hit) Cancelable. Comboes into itself or Target Combo 1

Stomach Blow (Forward+MP): (0 on block +3 on hit) Great Poke
inks into Mid/Far range s.LP ( see LP links)

Step Straight (Forward+HP): (-2 on block +2 on hit) Super Cancelable. Makes a great meaty attack and poke. Moves Dudley forward.

Kidney Blow (Forward+MK): (+3 on block +5 on hit) Dudley’s Best opener for starting big punish combos.
Links into LP, MP, LK, s.HK, Jet Upper

Dart Shot (Forward+HK): (-1 on block +4 on hit) Super Cancelable. Overhead. Hit confirm into Links or Target combo 3.
Links into LP, s.MP, s.HK

Target Combos

Target Combo 1 (f.LP > MP): (-2 on block +1 on hit) Cancelable. (see MP combo list)

Target Combo 2 (c.LK > MK): (-2 on block +1 on hit) Cancelable. Force Stand. (see MP combo list)

Target Combo 3 (f.HK > MK): (-3 on block 0 on hit) Overhead Target combo. Pushes back on block. Not safe versus reversal command grabs.

Target Combo 4 (s.LP, MP, MK): (-2 on block +1 on hit) Cancelable (see MP combo list) Combos into Low Jet Upper
Target Combo 4.5 (s.LP, MP): (+1 on block +4 on hit) Mainly used for Linking
Links into LP,(1 frame links s.MP, s.HK)

Target Combo 5 (MP/f.MK, MK, HP): (-2 on block +1 on hit)

Target Combo 6 (c.LK, c.MP, c.HP): (-1 on block +2 on hit) Hits Low, Great for Mix up.

Target Combo 7 (s.MK, HK, HP): (-1 on block +2 on hit) Used for Damage
Target Combo 7.5 (s.MK, HK): (+1 on block +3 on hit) Links into mid/far s.LP (see LP Links and combos)

Target Combo 8 (s.LK, MK, MP, HP: (-1 on block +2 on hit) Used for Damage
Target Combo 8.5 (s.LK, MK, MP: (+1 on block +3 on hit) Links into Mid/Far s.LP (see LP links / combos)

Special Moves

Jet Uppercut(Dragon Punch Motion + P):

Machine Gun Blow (Hcf + P):

Duck Upper/Straight (Hcf + K(K or P):

Short Swing Blow (Hcb + K):

Cross Counter (Hcb + P):

Super Move

Rocket Upper (Qcf, Qcf + P):

Ultra Moves

Ultra 1 - Rolling Thunder (Qcf, Qcf + All Kicks):

Ultra 2 - Corkscrew Cross (Qcf, Qcf + All Punches):

B. Bread and Butter links and combos (counter hits not included)

Dudley is number one when it comes to combos in SSF4. Sadly, due to damage scaling, it’s not worth doing the biggest combo possible, rather the most damaging. Dudley’s at his best in the corner so it should be your goal to combo them to the corner. If Dudley plays his way the fight always ends in the corner.

Links: (Note: Inputs in parentheses are target combos)

Standing Opponent Only
s.LP, s.LP, s.LP, s.HK (note far s.LP links into s.HK)
s.LP, s.LP, s.MP
s.LP, s.LP, s.HK
s.LP, s.MP, s.HK
s.LP, s.MP, s.MP
s.LP, s.MP, s.HP (note mid range s.MP links into s.HP
s.LP, s.LP, (c.LK, s.MK)
s.LP, (f.LP, MP)
s.MP, s.MP, s.HP
s.MP, s.MP, s.HK
s.MP, c.MP,
s.MP, (f.LP, MP)
s.MP, (c.LK, s.MK)
Crouching Opponent
c.LP, c.LP, s.HK
c.LP, c.LP, c.HP
c.LK, c.LP, s.HK
c.MP, s.HK
c.LK, (c.LK, s.MK)
c.LK, s.HK
f.MP, s.LP, s.HP
f.MP, s.LP, s.HK
f.HK, c.LP, s.HK
f.HK, s.HK (1 frame link)
FADC Links
Duck Upper, s.LP (links into close s.lp)
Duck Upper, c.LP (links into close c.lp)

In full screen juggle combos you may or may not want to, but always the option of comboing into Machine Gun Blow to get someone into the corner faster than the more damaging Duck U/S and Jet Upper finishers, which may be more worthwhile depending ont he match up. Once in the corner there’s little need for Machine Gun Blow juggle finishers.
(note: Combos ending with (U2) can end with Ultra 2. )

No Meter
close (L) Jet Upper, (H)/EX Jet Upper (character specific)
close (L) Jet Upper, (L) Machine Gun Blow (U2)
c.MK(juggle) (H)/EX Jet Upper
c.MK(juggle) (L) Machine Gun Blow
c.MK(juggle) Ultra 2
c.HK, c.HK, c.HK (U2) (2nd c.HK must be meaty for a 3rd to connect)
c.HK, Duck Upper (U2)
c.HK, Duck Straight (U2)
c.HK, Duck Straight, (L) Machine Gun Blow (character specific and/or corner)
c.HK, Duck Straight, (H)/EX Jet Upper (character specific and/or corner)
c.HK, (L)(M)(H) Machine Gun Blow (U2) ((H) only works “near” corner and DOES NOT combo into U2)
c.HK, (H)/EX Jet Upper

1 Bar
EX Machine Gun Blow, Duck Upper (U2)
EX Machine Gun Blow, Duck Straight (U2)
EX Machine Gun Blow, Duck Straight, (H)/EX Jet Upper (character specific and/or corner)
EX Machine Gun Blow, Duck Straight, (L) Machine Gun Blow (character specific and/or corner)
EX Machine Gun Blow, (H)/EX Jet Upper (corner)
EX Machine Gun Blow, c.HK, c.HK (corner) (U2)
EX Machine Gun Blow, (L)/(M) Machine Gun Blow (U2)

2 Bars (FADC combos) (note: FADC on first hit of Duck Upper)
Jet Upper FADC, (H)/EX) Jet Upper
Jet Upper FADC, c.HK (U2)
Jet Upper FADC, (U2)
c.HK, Duck Upper FADC, Duck Upper, (U2)
c.HK, Duck Upper FADC, Duck Straight, (see meterless combos)
c.HK, Duck Upper FADC, c.HK, (see meterless combos)

3 Bars (FADC+EX combos)
EX Short Swing Blow, (U2)
EX Machine Gun Blow, Duck Upper FADC, (see 2 bar combos)
EX Jet Upper FADC, (Wake Up option) (see Jet upper 2 bar combos)

G. Option Selects

Diago OS:
On Knock down, Safe Jump with toward MK and neutral HK. DP with EX Jet Upper.

**Kidney Blow OS ** (who discovered this?)
Input- f.MK + Special/Ultra (risky for DP because on block/hit DP links with Kidney Blow)

34 OS/Target Combo 2 OS
Meaty c.LK ( 2 Frames of Recovery) Can hold Down Back to cover some reversal options with invincibility
On hit/block Target combo
Backdash = s.HP, s.HK, c.MK

Inputs: c.LK, s.MK+s.HPx2
Inputs: c.LK, s.MK+s.HKx2 (for canceling into duck)
Inputs: c.LK, c.MKx2 (can add juggle or knockdown)

Back Dash OS
Below: Target Combo 2 OS + c…MK ( can add juggle)
Average: Target Combo 2 OS + s.HP, s.HK
Above: Kidney Blow OS + (L) Machine Gun Blow
Top: Kidney Blow OS + (L) Duck

Safe Jump OS
Daigo Option Select: Toward Jump MK, Neutral HK.

I. Character Match ups ( The Good and Bad, Ultra of Choice Punishes recommended footsies and option selects )

Vega (Claw)
Match Up: Based off Vega and Dudley player experience and character knowledge this is a 6:4 match up in Vega’s favor.

The Bad: Vega out ranged Dudley and have some phenomenal pokes to play keep out. He’s a charge character so he benifits more when he has the lead where he can sit back and rake away your life due to his range being almost two times longer than yours. Vega has a jump speed and arc you HAVE to get used to because Dudley cant anti air Vega as easily as
most of the roster without dive kicks. Back to him being a charge
character with the lead, Vega’s EX Wall Dive is the root of his damage in this match up knowing when he’s charged down is KEY.

The Good: Vega on knockdown is free without Ultra, he’s tall and loses his Claw and Mask after taking too much damage, weither it be from
blocking, chip, or getting hit. Without his Mask he takes an additional 12% damage. Vega without his claw loses his range and priority advantage.
The threat of Dudley getting in and making it a 5:5 by taking both away is enough to keep you motivated with a clear mindset the whole match.
Your main goal is to keep him on the defensive and play your game. Get a knockdown and go to work. If you ever manage to remove his claw or mask
combo him away from it with some basic juggle combos ending in machine gun blow. Keep his meter down as well so you canadvance on him with out
worrying about his EX Walldive and having EX Flip kick as an Anti air option. Dudley’s OS game is too good for Vega.

Ultra of Choice: Flexible
Ultra 1: Dudley can punish almost all of vegas moves with Rolling Thunder. The damage is worth it if you manage to get a damage reset
before a very possible stun. Mostly this Ultra is simply far more threatening than Ultra 2 to Vega due to his health and very limited
reversals. This Ultra allows you to keep you in the game and keep you playing your game. It’s all you could ask for.
Ultra 2: An trained Vega isnt going the throw out anything you can punish once you get Ultra 1, which is why Corkscrew Cross is still a possible
option. Ultra 2 is biggest punish for a whiffed flip kick, and full screen wall dive.


Footsies is what keeps this MU 6:4. His without his Claw playing footsies is more forgiving making it 5:5 or even better.
Pokes: f.MP s.HP f.HP s.HK c.MK c.HK
Counter Pokes on reaction: (high attacks) s.HK ( cancel into (L) Duck) Low attacks (c.lk)

Option Selects:
Throws: Diago Option Select
Knockdown: Average Back Dash OS
Backflip OS : Kidney Blow OS (M) Machine Gun Blow

Rolling Claw Attack: Reversal Rolling Thunder if he attemps to use as chip or a block string. Otherwise safe on block
Wall Dive: (Full Screen) EX Machine Gun Blow (3/4 Scrn) (H)/EX Machine Gun Blow (1/2 or less) Free. (note Dash toward him if he uses dives at the wall to build some meter.
Wall Dive Attack: Focus attack lv 2 on hit. Rolling thunder, (M)(H) Machine Gun Blow, Duck Upper on Block.
Wall Dive Grab: c.HP beats it clean. c.MK to avoid for free punish or set up juggle on hit.
Aerial Claw Attack(Sky High Claw): Rolling Thunder, (H) Machine Gun Blow.
Flip Kick: Corkscrew Cross on block, free otherwise.
Back Flip: Rolling Thunder, (M) Machine Gun Blow

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Footsies coming up within the next few days.
For now check out vs Vega footsies.

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