dudley hell.



Hello, im working on a dudley video showing three different aspects of dudley.

  1. being odd links | juggles that arent typical corner juggles.
    – for flash/proof of concept.

2.a failsafe for mgb juggle where if you mis time it and get any hit thats not the last mgb hit you can still land super for dudleys 50/50 hard knockdown corner game.

3.a new(!) really strict and impressive reset.

everything in this video is gonna be shit ive never seen in videos or discussed. just proof of concept shit.

since im basically airing out all my dudley secrets
im wondering if theres any thing particular you want to see in the video. design wise. otherwise imma just post the video at let you figure shit out on your own.

also if any one feels they have shit thats new not been seen it’d be cool to hear from you and hopefully you would like to share.

if not you can eat a dick.


also im on a dyingps2 with a crappy copy of 3s it takes 5 minutes to load matches
do you guys care if i dont post up if combo A works on all characters? but rather just show it and leave you guys to experiment ?


Yo, Gasp. Upload the video. Your buddy here from UCSC fight nights. We used to go to SVGL together with Kyle :slight_smile:


^ what he said.

By the way I don’t live in the area anymore but I think about you guys all the time. I wish I could show you guys how I have progressed over the years. Maybe at Evo…


Kyle!!! Dude, I miss those Fight Nights. It’s been years, but definitely one of my most cherished memories at UCSC. Vincent, Gasp, was hella dope. I wish I played Third Strike with you guys, i’m definitely playing it right now at SVGL every Friday, and i’m trying to compete and get better with these other dudes: Mike (makoto player), Manny (Necro/Ken), and Jblair (Yun/Akuma) – there’s another Ken player, caucasian guy, don’t know his name, but he always kicks my ass. It’s hard to compete against these guys because the skill and the years of experience gap is enormous! But, i’ve been getting wins here and there, sometimes I think they let me win, but I think they appreciate the fact that I’ve stuck around even though I get my ass handed to lmao

I will definitely try to catch you at EVO, I won’t be going, maybe next summer! If Third Strike is ever implemented, I will definitely join. By then, I should be better, a lot better.

@Gasp: So, I would like to see your approach strategies against Makoto, Chun, Necro, Ken, Yun, Akuma, and Urien. In general terms, how do you implement a successful offensive strategy? I seem to be stuck in the turtling stage, a product of my lack of experience, and I want to move forward offensively. I think I got the counterpokes down, but somehow I feel like my offense is not that great at all. Give me your knowledge, and I will carry on your legacy, fellow Dudley player :slight_smile: Actually, PM your knowledge, I want your secrets!!!