Dudley help

need help i want to get better but idk where im messing up and i dont know how to analyze myself and fix my errors not only that dudley doesnt feel like he has a great poke game so chars like juri mess me up bad i also need help on dudley basics

my psn is warmachine781

if u can help plz messege me

I just spam light machine gun blow.

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Play some games with people, and afterward, ask them what they think you could have done better. Take the top reasons [you can mix in anything you think you are also bad at] and assemble them from 10 to 1, in order of easiest to most difficult. Then start at 10 and work your way down. Think of a way to show progress, and measure if you’re getting better or not.

[For example if you want to tighten of your combo’s, pick one of your BnB’s and do it 50 times, keeping tally of how many times you get it, and how many times you miss it. When you’re done, divide how many times you hit by 50 and that’ll tell you your percentage the combo hits when you do it. Make a certain percentage your goal [like 75% or 80%] and work toward it day by day.]

I’m not on PSN, but here’s my list currently:

  1. Start Anti-Airing More
    11.Tighten Up Hit-confirming recognition
  2. Tighten up combo’s to 80%
  3. Start backdash on a level 1 focus hit
  4. Learn to effectively throw tech option-select
  5. Stop mashing jab
  6. Learn 2 Pressure Strings
  7. Tighten up Combo’s to 90%
  8. Learn 3 Block Strings
  9. Learn to start grabbing after an empty jump cross over.
  10. Improve Throw break reaction time.
  11. Learn to Control Dudley’s space

You might also notice these get a little more vague as I go from 10-1.

Good Luck.