Dudley: Kata's, chains, and Juggles

If you dont know what a kata is ill tell you. A kata is a combo ending in super that you practice over and over again until when your actually fighting and an opening opens or one of your moves connects your fingers will automatically do that combo or you will do that combo without having to think about it much.


Ive reduced myself down to 5 katas because the other ones are to situational IMO but feel free to post them…
These are the ones i use…

  1. c. strong xx Corkstrew
  2. 2x c. Jab or Short xx Corkstrew
  3. J. Fierce, Roundhouse, or Foward xx Lp or Mp Jet Uppretcut xx corkstrew / Jump in HP, Hk xx c. MP xx Corkstrew/ Jump in Hp, Hk xx Corkstrew (For the most part, you have to time the jump in to hit low so it will connect)
  4. Ducking Upprecut or Straight xx Corkstrew
  5. Short Wingback Blow xx Corkstrew (I prefer Lk SWBB because its harder to parry since its quicker but the all are cancelable)


I dont use chains very often because i havent really experimented with them to much to see what move can chain into them. Plus if you whiff if (Especially the chains that end in dudley say “1, 2 ,3”) your very vounerable and are asking to be punished :lol: But Ive found a few out yesterday that end in s. Fierce that seem there less likely to be punished so again feel free to post any other chains you know of.

  1. s. Foward > s. Roundhouse > s. Fierce (1,2,3 ending)
  2. s. Short > s. Foward > s. Strong > s. Fierce (1,2,3 ending)
  3. s. Jab >(Link I believe or it seems like it) s. Strong > s. Foward (I think this chain needs to be started by jumping in because when standing the last blow doesnt connect but im not sure:confused: )
  4. f. foward > s. Foward > s. Fierce
  5. s. Strong > s. Foward > s. Fierce
  6. f. Roundhouse > s. foward


Im working on one right now and ive got it down pretty well. But I actually want to learn more but im learning one at a time because my brother is like my sensay and tells me to practice untill you can nail it perfectly then move on to other combos. So far I only use 2 but one is character specific.

Only works on: Chun-li, Elena, (My two brothers play these characters:lol: :evil: :rolleyes: :D) Ibuki, Necro, Dudley, and Q I believe. But for some reason i have a little trouble Juggling Necro.

  1. c. Roundhouse 1-5x > Mk Ducking Upprecut xx Corkstrew

This Combo works on everyone…

  1. c. Roundhouse > Mk Ducking Upprecut xx Corkstrew

I have recently started working on this combo, it can be performed anywhere the only problem im having is the very begining with the jump in fierce…

  1. j. Fierce > s. Roundhouse > Ex. Mgb > Mk Ducking Upprecut xx Corkstrew Blow (I saw it in the France vs. Uk tournament - Dudley vs. Akuma…good stuff)

If i have any errors combo wise please tell me and also go ahead and post any other katas, chains, or juggles that I left out. Also,IF ANYONE KNOWS DUDLEYS MOST DAMAGING COMBO PLEASE POST IT

the “kata’s” you’re gonna want to use are:

c.short x2 xx SAI/SAIII

towards roundhouse -> SAI/SAIII

c.strong xx SAI/SAIII OR c.strong xx short ducking xx SAI/SAIII

s.roundhouse xx forward ducking xx SAI/SAIII

high j.roundhouse (elbow hits top of head) land, SAI/SAIII

my favorite c.roundhouse juggle right now is just:

c.roundhouse, walk forward a bit, towards forward xx rocket upper.

works on everyone and in most situations, and does more damage than ducking upper.

another one I like is:

(in corner only)c.roundhouse, j.fierce, land into mixup of choice.
it works if you’ve got your opponent confused or pressured, and does decent damage as it is. I’ll usually use this against people who won’t be c.roundhouse juggled repeatedly.

Can anything else other than j. Fierce/ j. Roundhouse > s. Roundhouse chain into Ex. Mgb? basically…what cancels or chains into Ex. Mgb? And also what cancels into Ex. Sbb?

Shit! i finally get a decent thread up and running and SRK crashes…:lame: :mad: :fury: :wtf: :depress: :frowning:

lol, maybe Apoc was trying to upload another 1290830912 page post and made the server blowup :slight_smile:

jokes aside, um, Dudley is cool.

Sshhh. Yeah, what happened was I was schoolin’ Onny on history and SRK noticed and shut everything down. They wanted to ensure that everyone believes Japan to be better at everything no matter what.

They tortured me and crushed my joystick hand to ensure that the Japanese would, indeed, play Dudley better. It’s ok though. I went out and purchased a genuine Termintator exo-skeleton hand specifically for MWC!!! When I’m low on damage it actually plays “short, short man.” I’ve already tested it. Works best when they have a female counter part. It’s even programmed to adjust my genitals immediately following a high damage combo. It shifts my nutz twice if I combo from a parry. Then upon winning, it even sparks up a doobie for me and I can even set it to puff puff puff instead of puff puff pass. But if things ever REALLY get hot I have an emergency bitch slap button that will send em flying clear back across the Atlantic. But I don’t think that I’ll need to use that. I have a feeling they’ll run after a double sack adjustment.

American Sci-Fi technology ownz all.




let’s talk about history, i guess.

1) USA vs Japan “one”, in Japan.
USA get beaten by japanese. in his web log, john choi says “we knew we were in big trouble on 3s”. by the way Apoc, i didn’t see you on the 3s team for USA. were you off on the day it got picked?

2) USA vs Japan “two”, at evolution 2002 in the USA.
USA get brucked. The two worst players for “bruckage” are mester and tokido. apoc were you on this team? honestly, i can’t remember.

3) Super Battle Opera Tournament, in Japan.
USA go out in the second round. hey apoc, were you on this team? i don’t remember seeing your name… or did you use a pseudonym?

hmmm. so that is the history of usa and japan in 3s. so what can we learn?
in order of tournament:

  1. Japan has, from the start, taken very strongly to 3s. hence they developed a lot of advanced techniques relatively early.

  2. the USA team got brucked by men who aren’t even the best at what they do. Onanism’s Urien is better than Tokido’s, and likewise K.O’s Yun makes Mesters look positively pedestrian. Kara-palm, anyone?

  3. Ok so “they lost to the winners but it was pretty close!”. boo hoo hoo. in fact the winning team didn’t play very well throughout the tournament… especially Izu. the only time he actually got it together was in the final. also, how did the american team do in the local tournament? hmmm… :wink:

don’t try to fob me off with other games. this is street fighter III 3rd strike. this has been a very popular game in japan since it’s release. dudley is ranked as 4th highest in the game; he is a popular character. in the recent co-operation 2 cup, there were three dudleys, and each of them played very differently.

so don’t get me wrong; i don’t think that the japanese are good just because they’re japanese (i will readily admit that the USA owns the world at mvc2). i give them credit because the best 3s players happen to be japanese.

hope that’s cleared some stuff up.

I didn’t even bother learning 3s until the wildcard tourney before evo. Aside from that, when did we start talking about usa vs japan?

I played dudley on the other games tho and won quite a few 3s tourneys using 2i Dudley.

But…yeah. Excuse me for not thinking the game is that dope. The only reason I’m into it now is because CvS2 is hella boring at times so I need something and the Japanese play it. If not for the Japanese coming here, I wouldn’t play it. Really, I’m past my interest in almost all videogames, even SF. But competing against Japan is a different level of interest. So, I am basically learning 3s for the sole purpose of playing them seriously at it. I’ve played them at it before Evo when I just knew 2i stuff and didn’t have the timing of the game down and still managed to beat ksk and mester in casual. I mean, seriously, the way you talk about them, you’d think I’d never be able to win what with them having about 5000 more hours experience over me, lol.

Anyway, I never stated that the Japanese weren’t the best 3ser in the world. I don’t think their Dudley is that dope. That is all. In fact, I’m not quite sure they understand him in this game.

I hope they send a Dudley over here that IS better than mine. Then I’d believe they had better Dudley’s. But from all evidence I have seen, they just don’t have a grip on Dudley.

Understand that the subject of Dudley is clearly separate from the subject of their overall game in 3s. Pay attention to that.

I hope that was clear THAT time.

…and I’m not talking about USA vs Japan. I’m thinking of me vs them. My record is pretty good there. That’s all that’s relevant. I’m not responsible for losses others took. sheesh.

And you understand the game so much that you’ll be at which tourney to play me? Ecc or Mwc? Or do you just feel like talking shit for the Japanese randomly? I mean, you act as though you think you know what you’re talking about. Show and prove or your on ignore with the rest of the trolls in these forums.

Ya know, I don’t think the Japanese would be offended at my comments. I think they’d take it as a challenge and have fun.


oh lord. :bluu:

Haha where are the mods when u need them?

Forget it lets talk Dudley

agreed. Does anybody actually use the term “kata”? I just call them “end the fucking chain with a super, would you?” or something.

Anywho, apoc, i’m really interested in seeing you use dudley now, damn it. Tape stuff, and post it on DC or something. Would be especially nice if you played against some good Yun/Chun players, to see what that’d be like.


Are you saying you play dudley in 3s like 2I. How do you do this?
What is the difference?

And I remember you saying that you can counter attacks with Dudley the same way you were snuffing attacks with Balrog in A3?

How do you do this in 3s with Dudley? Particularly vs Ken and Urien?


Kata isn’t a SF term. Kata is an old marital arts term. Wax on/Wax off is a kata. A kata is any string of muscle movements that you practice multiple times so that you can commit them to muscle memory, so that you don’t have to think. If someone wants to learn all the combos that dudley has that ends in super by turning them into katas, that is just one of many ways of doing it.

I will quote “A Twist of the Wrist: The Motorcycle Road Racers Handbook” to give everyone a better idea of the way katas work.

In other words, finding combos and setups beforehand, and reducing them to katas before you are put in the position of competition allows more freedom of movement because you are reducing the amount of attention that you have to spend on any particular combo.

Katas are what you make them into. No one is trying to create their own new SF vocab, they are only bringing other backgrounds and training methods to the SF world. If people’s egos are too large to let the new blood bring fresh ideas to the scene, then shame on you.

P.S. When I was vacationing in Vegas, Apoc showed me to a few good games. Mad props to him, because although everyone in the 'cade was owning him like a little bitch, as soon as he got baked, everyone was his bitch. If you want to beat Apoc, make sure he hasn’t had his spinach!

You’re a fool. I smizzle before I get there and then I see someone who wants to chill and go out again. I must’ve been playing MvC2 when I was getting owned cuz…“everyone” must not show up to tourneys. I only toke up if its local or casual generally or if I’d just rather chill. I really don’t care then and I’m just having a good time.

You should try me when I haven’t had any for a month or so. Too fast. Heh, but then it gets boring after a few nights of that. Seriously.

And why the explanation on what kata means? I think that’s general knowledge. It just sounds corny when applied to games here. It kinda distracts from the point. I saw it and more or less thought “kata? LOL This fool’s funny.” It’s just out of place here. Continue to use it here. I’ll continue to chuckle. We’ll all be good.


hey apoc, you’ve stated time and time again that you don’t think much of their dudleys… but you never actually rationalize why you think japan is not that great with dudley, or why you think you have a better dudley.

why don’t you spell out in clear strats, exactly WHY the japanese don’t have a grip on Dudley?

otherwise it’s all heresay.

scroll to the bottom for a quick answer to avoid my rant.

Wow, now see, that’s better. Instead of assuming I’m an arrogant asshole why not ask why I think that?

But really, aside from a few, most players, it seems, think that playing one game at a high level doesn’t mean you can play another. If I were to say something or some “way” was good I would get some stupid shit like “If it’s so good, how come the Japanese don’t do it?” Ppl don’t understand that styles and philosophies have a great deal to do with sf. I don’t win because I’m that skillful, believe me. I don’t do half the shit I know because I’m too lazy to buy a joystick and practice it. Still, I do fine…even against(gasp) the Japanese.

I don’t say shit because I don’t feel like arguing to back up any claims. The proof is really in the pudding. What happens when everyone gets together and brings all of their styles? That’s what ppl listen to and respect. I’m pretty sure I could go on and on about Rog in A3 now but had I said that I think I could “hang” with Ohnuki while using A-Rog against his V-Sak, ppl woulda said I was arrogant(they did actually) and talk a lot. But I have living proof on the Evo dvd that I beat one of Japan’s best all around SF players on A3 while having an inferior character than his. On paper, to most players, that would have been impossible(whatever).

And still, after proof, haters still make excuses for Japan. “They didn’t know enough about Rog(I said that when I first saw the all about zero3 mook. It was obvious they didn’t understand him). They didn’t know about the ac. If you they had played a few more games, they would’ve adapted.”

Let me help those haters out. They played that game waaaaay more than me against way more AND better opponents and have a damn book with all sorts of technical info that could help anyone to mathematically break down a character. THEY were using top tier and yet haters act as though they were at a disadvantage. Fuck that. They were 6 feet away from me too. I had to play head to head(Japanese style) instead of side by side where I could utilize serious shit if they don’t have good composure.

Basically, the haters make me keep my mouth shut now for the most part. I’ll make a few statements and then go play. Let the games speak.

Watch the dvd. How many times did I know they were attacking? Check the match against Tokido. Last round I had his rhythm down so nasty that the last 7 hits or so were all clean counters perfectly times. You can’t really doubt I had hit timing since there are definate pauses between us both attacking. You don’t get hit 7 times in a row everytime you attack at random. Also notice that they all ccd when I jumped back. Let haters figure that out.

I’m just really sick of hearing folks talk as if the US has no good players while Japan is god. It’s not true. Excuse us americans that don’t play as much or against as nice comp and…whatever. Don’t mistake what you see as full potential.

Bottom line, I’ll show the difference with my play and then folks could stop hating on me here too.

Seriously, I feel like I have to own for some reason if I want to offer advice sometimes. Thing is, these haters just keep me from helping others when they annoy me.

Fuck em. Why the fuck wouldn’t someone want an American to be the best at their character? Should we all be textbook and just copy the latest winning shit from Japan? To me, that’s not only second rate, that’s admitting your second rate. It’s like their shit is winning for you.

I hope my Dudley is clearly better or at least clearly different in a most effective way. Maybe then ppl will realize that you can be good and still live in the USA without a ton of ppl playing you. Maybe then most will stop biting and realize that you can have fun and win without using Japan’s shit. Other characters can be good or great if ppl would only spend the time mastering shit instead of running to safety or proven characters.

That’s my vent for the evening.

To satisfy your question simply though, I’ll leave you with this.

Japan’s universal style(although you wouldn’t notice it by some players, I’m talking as a group) is conservative. Dudley is best while rushing down. You do the math.

I have a very thorough knowledge of Dudley from all three games. I’m pretty good at breaking down a vid of a character I’m intimate with and I’ve actually played the Japanese on multiple games and noticed that their philosophies carry over from game to game.

Now if Daigo or Ohnuki played Dudley, I may have not made the claim:P They’re smart enough to utilize aggression on every game. I say smart enough because rushdown requires more processing and creativity in play than turtling which is mostly reactionary or reflexive. This is why they are the best, I believe. They play to beat you, not to simply outlive you. But now this is really ranting. My bad.


forget that, i’m still scratching my head over “brucked”

heh, why not just call them bread n’ butters ?


What’s in a name?

Anyways, on to the topic at hand…

The kata’s, bread n’butters and what have you i do are the following:

  1. crouching LK x 2 -> Rocket Uppercut or Corkscrew Blow
  2. towards + HK -> Rocket Uppercut or Corkscrew Blow
  3. UOH -> Corkscrew Blow
  4. HK -> MK/HK Duck xx Rocket Uppercut or Corkscrew Blow
  5. LK, MK, MP link into Rocket Uppercut or Corkscrew Blow (you can omit the MP and link straight from MK)
  6. HK -> MP Jet Uppercut xx Rocket Uppercut or Corkscrew Blow

UOH and f.Roundhouse can only be linked when the victim is couching…