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I don’t know if this threads was needed, but I’ll just post the safe jump videos I found for Ken and Fei. I have some safe jumps I was working on last night, some vs Viper, Sagat, Adon, etc. I’ll upload videos of them soon.

I forgot the Adon one but I’ll record that right now, since I have all day and it’s raining here.

EDIT: Do you want the videos posted here or on the Video Thread?

Here would be preferable. I’m trying to replicate this thread for the Dudley forum.

I guess I’ll update on Safe Jumps, for the majority of the cast. Also, the second post is what I’ll use to upload the videos and edit notes and such. I have nothing better else to do so I guess I can work on stuff.

did my post git deleted or somethin

it’s a good idea mr.X. in fact the dud forums are in need of a serious tune up. all the info needs to be consolidated into neat organized threads. #OCD

Bleh @ trying to figure out well timed meaties

Preface to “meaty” attacks and wakeup

Meaty is a term used to describe a move that is executed just as the opponent is waking up. There are multiple reasons as to why you would use a meaty attack, and they vary from game to game. A couple reasons are: to beat out reversals and create counter hit opportunities, to put your opponent into block stun as soon as they wake up to start throw mix up games, and also to also lessen the recovery of said move.

“Quick Rise” lets you get up faster when knocked downed if the move doesn’t cause an untechable knockdown (in SF4 all sweeps, throws and most Ultras and most Supers give untechable knockdowns). “Quick Rise” can be delayed up to 5 frames in SF4, which can potentially screw up meaty attempts on wake up (which is a reason why untechable knockdowns are so good).

Wake up is not universal, some characters wake up faster or slower than others. I’m pretty sure the differences in wakeup relative to other characters is inconsistent (example Ibuki wakes up 1 frame faster than most except when knocked down by [whatever move]) and wake up times per character depends on the move dependent (Proof). This means there is no easy grouping of fast wakeup, average wakeup, slow wakeup.

I’m assuming I’m doing this with frame perfect timing (lololololol unlikely) so feel free to double check.

Quick Rise Meaty

EX MGB > Duck Straight MK Duck Empty f.HK

Works on
M. Bison (Dictator)
E. Ryu
El Fuerte

Everyone else wakeups after the last active frame of f. HK, you can just delay however many frames you may need to vs those characters.

you mean to say not everyone wakes up the same? if that’s true that’d explain a lot <_<

More proof

It’s dumb.

Can we get some oki setups here? The only thing I use regularly and reliably is blahblah>ex mgb>duck upper a lot of times then switching to duck straight at the end catches a lot of people off guard and dont have time to think to reversal usually if they quick stand

Edit: thought of one more that works occasionally; empty jump or early jump in(whiff) ex or just regular ssb, a lot of people will grab if you empty jump or early jump in and whiff on their wake up

post sum viable set ups then request
dont want another request thread

OMG that’s why the safe jump set up doesn’t work on sagat! woooooooooooooooooow.

that set-up only works on people who get up early, and even then it might still whiff if they delay their get-up.

I’m fairly certain Duck > Straight causes a 40f knockdown.

f.throw = 60f
b.throw = 50f
duck > upper = 55f [tech early as possible]
duck > straight = 40f [tech early as possible]

Go make meaty set-ups.

I said this in the preface.

not all characters recover the same, you have to test it vs each character :confused:

Think of that as the base time for a knockdown, add or subtract specific character numbers, also I’m not sure if character wake-up times are affected on a techable knockdown. Someone would have to test that. Also, be forewarned that the Adon time is incorrect. That was for Super, in AE that number was drastically reduced.

Wake up is not universal.
Even moves you can quick rise, characters have different wake up times.

The relative wake up times (how far they are away from average wakeup time) are not consistent (Sagat isn’t ALWAYS 2 frames slower than average) and I’ve proved that with data from here

You have to test each character individually for each set up. You cannot just assume that one character always wakes up slower than, faster than or normal timing.

so that means… I actually have to… man, now this means… yeah, need new safe jumps.

Just make set-ups in which the meaty move you stick out hits on like the 2nd active frame. Safejumps require a little timing change though. If you used mk duck on the safejump, and they get up 1f faster, use lk duck. If it’s 2f faster just dash forward.

But the real problem lies in slower wakeups where the only realistic solution is to train yourself to delay a frame or 2.

just time your set-up to be longer or stick out a slower move. Like you said, testing is key.