Dudley match up info

Hey guys can anyone offer advice on the Dudley matchup ? I seem to struggle against the new comers (Dudley, Guy, Ibuki and Cody) as the last Street fighter I played was super Turbo and mainly played KOF.

Met a fairly good Dudley player online and realise I don’t know the match up at all heres my footage:



What did I do wrong ?

Are you new to SSF4? Just curious as the videos show that you are lacking some fundamentals like anti-air and poking/fireball zoning to keep the Dudley from rushing you down. You also retreat too much, in all the rounds within the first 10 seconds, you are already backed up into the corner.

Read the player more and play a lot. You seem new to the game.

Ive played the game for around 6 months. But I played ST for around 3 years and KOF for 4 years before that so I do know how to anti-air. This replay taken from my log doesnt show the level of lag that was in the game as this guy was a yellow bar Russian.

Im trying to find general matchup info in this matchup as there doesn’t seem to be much around. Looked in Airs blog and in the matchup thread, so if you guys got any info as to what to look for Vs Dudley.

So in any matchup take your opponents options and compare them to yours.

Likes to duck under fireballs. Time/space good fireballs to bait a duck and then low forward / dp punish kinda like you should treat balrog’s bullshit.
His normals are beefy so low forward range is probably your strongest spot. you’ll be weaving in and out a lot. Movement is really important in this match up.
His jump elbow hits low. Dping this shit should be free. If it’s not, practice timing it later.
His dp sucks. Don’t be afraid of him on wake up if you’re on the ground.
When getting a safe jump, mix up empty jump lows and high attacks since he has a counter. You really gotta feel this out but this mixup is way in your favor.

What to avoid? Don’t let that fool get close. His high low shit is too good. Keep him spaced out. Movement again.

As a tip for anybody. block. omg just try and block and find an opening rather than mashing dp. his backdash is way good enough to do stupid damage.

His focus isnt bad, but its not the quickest. I personally love getting a read and going up to a focus and low forward dping the shit out of it. Throwing ex fireballs works but you gotta play his game a little more cuz he can get underneath them. low forward xx dp rocks balrogs world too :stuck_out_tongue:

Better advice?

Edit: Okay I rewatched those videos. You need to be more offensive. People throw this quote around incorrectly all the time, but let me tell you a strong offense is the best defense. It’s not the other way around. The first thing you did in both fights was jump back. What purpose does that serve? It lets him push you closer to the corner by just walking forward. The idea is to make him go to the corner! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks electronbabies, thats some good info.

I went into training mode and played with Dudley never knew his counter move had total upper body invincibility including from crouching strongs. His target combo is an overhead and hits hard in the corner taking a ton of life.