Dudley Match-Up Thread

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-Don’t jump in, you’ll get hit with a T.Buster by a competent player.
-Can punish condor dive with Ultra 2
-Be careful of using the sweep, slow and can be 360’d out of it easily.
-I think T.Hawk might have the advantage in this matchup.

Against Ryu, Sagat and Rose, you need Rolling Thunder. Against Akuma and Ken I am currently using Corkscrew Cross, but that might end up changing.

Anyway against all of these characters, you must be patient. All have strong ways to pressure you from afar. Just bulldog your way in slowly, ensuring that you always anti-air any jump-in. You should be crouch blocking a lot in these match-ups, especially against Shotos as their cr.MK is Dudley’s bane. Once just outside of cr.MK range, it all comes down to your footsies. You can counter poke cr.MK with cr.MP and buffer a ducking on the end to close the distance. The other tactic is to counter poke with Stand HK xx EX MGB. If you get the counter hit, it’s a free combo. However, Stand HK has a lot more recovery in this game than 3S, so be careful because you’re sweep bait if you use the move too often.

It will probably help you to see some match videos of these match-ups to get a clearer idea of what to do. No doubt after the weekend, a lot more stuff will be up as a lot of tournaments are taking place around the world.

Chun Li

Reccomended Ultra - Rolling Thunder

IMO Dudley’s hardest match-up. She straight up owns you on the ground, with Stand HP, cr.HK, Stand MK, Stand MP and many, many other moves capable of keeping you outside of where you want to be.

Without U2 stocked, Chun is vulnerable to Jump-in’s, espeically a well timed Jump RH, but because she can keep you out on the ground so easily, it’s often easy for her to predcit / react to your jumps as you will be jumping in from quite far out.

So how do you win? Well this is THE match-up which will develop your footsies and spacing game, whether you like it or not. First objective is to select the correct range to fight from, and that range is just outside of her Stand Fierce. From this range, she has two moves that can strike you, Stand Fierce and Cr.RH. At this range, Standing Jab is a quick poke that can beat out both moves, albeit with little damage should you score the counter poke. Still use it to keep the opponent in check… Chun’s walk speed is fast and you need to make sure that she does not get in on you as a result of trying to get in on her.

At the same range, you can try to counter poke with Stand HK buffered into an MGB. But be very careful, as a godd chun will react by cr.RH during the Stand HK’s recovery frames. Cr.MP is really good, espeically if you buffer a Ducking onto it too.

The way I play this match-up is as follows. I Poke / Counter poke with the afforementioned moves, trying to keep both characters at this range. At the same time, I’ll start walking back and forth into and outside the max range of Stand Fierce, trying to bait the opponent into sticking one out. As soon as they do, you can quickly Focus it and dash in afterwards. Your objective here is not to cause a crumple from absorbing the hit, but rather absorb it so you can dash in and attempt to throw / mixup during it’s recovery. I find that after focusing the Stand Fierce, dash-in cr.LK + cr.LP, cr.Mp, Cr.FP is a good sequence, it’s a target combo and it gives a tech if the opponent tried to throw.

Chun’s Fireball is irritating to deal with, because it’s so slow. Rolling Thunder is only invincible at the start, meaning that you cannot use it on reacton from far distance to a Kikoken, as you’ll get hit by it. Still Chun players love to follow up the Kikoken by walkign up and poking, and if they try that, then you can Rolling Thunder.

Rolling Thunder can also be used on reaction to seeing a Stand Fierce / Crouch HK. It’s hard to do but it’s clutch if you can pull it off, and gives you something to threaten with from afar. You can also Rolling Thunder a whiffed Flip Kick, which Chun players sometimes like to do to close the gap, so be on the lookout for it.

There’s a lot more that can be said with this match-up, but essentially you need to learn to be really patient. And once you do get in, make sure you keep the pressure gauge turned up high. When Chun’s getting up, she is just as vulnerable as many other characters. If you bait out the SBK or Ultra, she’s going to take a lot of damage. Just make sure when you do hit, you hit HARD.

I’m pretty sure he wanted someone else to make it… I’ll do it… I’m online enough anyway… Someone think of a clever name asap.

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Thanks for posting that. I just got dominated by a very good Chun. She had an answer for everything in my arsenal. This will definitely help a bit though.

Having a terrible time against Vega’s walljump. Any advice? Jump away lp? Uppercut? Mp/Hp?


Here is the matchup thread, let’s repost all of this info in there, unless we can get the threads merged.