Dudley Matchups

My Dudley is pretty solid, but I don’t know too much about matchups vs everybody. Also this forum doesn’t really have a solid thread about it, so start here.

well, there’s another Dudley match up thread (set your thread viewing option to “view posts from the beginning”) that had some pretty nice info, but hasn’t been updated in a while. So I guess you could use that as a starting point (sorry, I can’t provide a link 'cause I’m on a mac at the moment and have no idea how to cut/paste on this).

It would be interesting to see if the list of advantage/equal/disadvantage has changed any, though I imagine Chun and Urien still being the ones to give Dudley a heap of trouble. I’ll start things off by saying that Dudley has advantage over Q :smiley: I’m safe from flames! wheee

Yeah I know that basic stuff, I was hoping for some more in-depth stuff. And my forums are always on from the beginning :p.

Dudley vs. Ryu is a brawl. I think Ryu might have the advantage.

Dudley will always own my homeboy in the avatar, nuthin’ more but constant rushdown. Jet Uppercut the air dashes and Twelve will have to remain o nthe ground and get beatin’ to a pulp by target combos and MGB’s.

Dudley > all

You are correct, Ryu’s standing :hk: can beat Dudley. It’s a great poke, counter and anti-air since Dudley can’t jump worth shit. Plus he can use a few fireballs to keep him at bay. Ryu also has that ridiculous corner combo on Dudley. Neutral throw, Shin Shoryuken, :hcf: + :hk: Just use the ducking dash to go through the fireballs and stay outta the corner, however all Ryu players know that the Super Fireball is the best. U gotta try to score a knockdown on Ryu and continue from there.

As far as Twelve goes, twelve just needs some gauge, so try and keep him from gettin’ any gauge.

if i were using SA2 Ryu, i wouldn’t risk doing a throw -> Shinshoryuken on Dudley. you don’t really have time to see if the Dudley player is going to quickstand or not. if he doesn’t, then :rock:. but if he does, then :shake:. you’ve just been cornered :lol:. but yeah, Ryu’s s. roundhouse is a pain. you can add plain s. strongs to that too. the Shotos (even Dudley, actually) have a ton of options if someone parries their s. strongs in the air.

i agree with VictoLy on his statement though. Dudley > all. :badboy:.

I’d just like to say VictoLy is the shit…screw Daigo

What about Dudley vs. Makoto?

Dud Vs Makoto is an interesting matchup. Makoto has no real wakeup unless uses sa1, so use that to your advantage. Shes easier to beat than someone like Ken or Chun in the corner. Use short swing blows, and mix up the move strength if you do like a blocked move (s.rh or c.mp ususally) into duck under. So they may whiff their throw and you get to s.rh them. Try not to parry against her, it’s usually not in your favor. S.mk is a really hard normal for Dudley to get around (Think of it as a less damaging Ryu s.rh) You can s.rh ex mgb her leg off though. And s.fp can work sometimes too. Don’t be afraid to mash jab in a reset situation. The only thing Makoto can really do to stop your mashing on her grab attempts is to parry or meaty. And in alot of grab situations she can’t meaty you. Jumping straight up is pretty good sometimes, but dont let her land a dp or a c.rh on you cuz you did it too much.

Dudley Vs Ken/Urien… Ken and Urien both have the range advantage on you, and can stop most jumps as well, making them frustrating, also both of their c.rhs are good till you get meter. Try not to let them throw fireballs at you. ducking straight xx super is usually good punishment to fireballers, but fireballs are still annoying as hell. Ken’s c.mk is pretty annoying too. Random ducks hit it, you can reversal super it if blocked (hard), you can try to bait/down parry it, but it’s still a frustrating move. According to Vic also, Dudley’s c.fp beats Uriens c.mk at certain ranges. Be ready to parry if you jump, and don’t be afraid too. 1 Big ex mgb combo usually makes up for alot of shit. Also, throw these motherfuckers. Ken’s s.fp seem to be really frustrating too. If Urien is whoring you with s.mk, stand outside of the range, and whiff s.rh xx ex mgb, the mgb will only connect if you hit the s.mk, and you’re building meter too. Parry stupid Ageis stuff (practice that). Remeber to bait throws too, with ssb blows. I still dont know what to do about random tackles either besides block, they tend to be pretty hard to parry randomly. Also don’t be afraid to turtle yourself. You have a strong AA game. And patience will usually get you out of the corner vs Ken. Oh yeah, and s.strong blocked Ken s.mk. Perferrably to s.strong xx mk ducking xx super. Try not to get pushed into the corner vs Urien though.

Dudley Vs Ibuki.

This matchup is wtf. Ibuki is a good character lol. I dont know how to fight her at all. My friend Eli rushes down, yet is really patient. I find myself trying to Parry or Reversal super out. Blocking doesn’t work well because of all the directions she can hit from. I try to block, but then 1/4 my life is gone, and im like 1/2 stunned. c.fp either beats or trades with your jumpins. And she has an air throw to stop jump in parry attempts. Granted, hitting her hurts. But Ibuki is tough to deal with imo.

bah fuck air throws, just reset her with mp in the air and duck under SA3 reset ofcourse, at that point you throw the almighty rose =0

seriously, with Ibuki, I try to jump forward only when she jumpsbackwards, f+mk of hers is easy to see, just parry and throw accordingly, rest is up to staying on the ground, and getting one hk xx ex mgb blox in, coz she takes damage like a bitch

vs Makoto? I’ve always seen this as a pretty easy matchup, because of her lack of pokes I go berserk with unfinished chains, and makoto has to block or parry her way out, but the only thing she can do after parry is just throw, and its not like shes scary when youre un the ground, its all about mp, grab or wait, grab with her :wink:

I dont know alot about Ken and Urien, but you seem right about them, just stay out of Ken’s c.mk range and try to find a way in and dont let yourself out anymore, about Urien… hmm I only find him a bitch when I jump in, or when he does: If you jump in you just know youre getting some stupid c.hp xx whatever against you, when he jumps in, you just know hes already charging and getting you to block Aegis, etc. etc. So I tend not to jump in this matchup, and if he jumps, duck under super, or parry his hk and dash back if he hit you with the top of his foot, if he hit you to close sloppy Urien! then just hk xx duck under, of f+mk xx uppercut

Makoto doesnt have a lack of pokes at all. S.mk is GOD against Dudley. S.fp is also very good. c.mk is also pretty good. f+mk isnt really the problem. He usues UOH and f+rh really well to escape throws. You can can almost never punish a blocked “double kicks” besides red parrying, because ex dagger/normal dagger/super daggers are coming right afterwards. Also he doesn’t jump in and parry, he only air throws me if I try to jump in and parry.

What u guys think of Dud vs Necro and Dud vs Oro match up? those characters can give me headache.

ya makoto so easy, I know so much about 3s… :rolleyes:

I think Dud has a slight advantage vs NECRO. S.mp is annoying as hell. But you can turtle and build meter if you want. Necro’s high low game is kinda slow in comparison to Dudley’s, and if he tries to use his limbs, it’s free EX Mgbs from across the screen. Necro really cant make you block High if you dont want to. I wouldnt reccomend jumping because usually even if you parry a denpa you still wont be able to punish. f+mp and f+mk tend to beat out necros pokes.
Oro? Idk s.rh and s.mk are annoying as shit. I don’t play like any Oros so I can’t help you. Lol, edit.

dud disadvantaged against dud? :wink:

anyway, Oro is a bitch, SA2 owns dud :frowning:
edit: Oro’s c.hp owns alotta pokes too, and early jumpins/low jumpers like dud


This match would be interesting since puches vs kicks… Elena would have the advantage in the low area but when hit continously by dudleys attacks she is in trouble.

he can juggle her midscreen with 2 c.hk :wink: not that its necessary in this battle, I do have an old vid of 178 vs some Elena, i love 178

Vs Oro-PUNISH WHIFFED s.rh!!! With your own s.rh xx ex mgb.
That’s good advice.

More on the Ibuki matchup. If she tries to super jump after you after a sweep chain, do a duck under. If you have super, super her. You won’t get rushed nearly as much this way. When Ibuki slides at you don’t try to retaliate with c.mp. Instead use either c.mk or s.hk xx ducking/s.fp. Why? C.mp is parried high or low, the others aren’t. If she ever does an ex dragon kick without a SA1(daggers) handy feel free to ex dp her, she can’t stop it. S.fp HURTS her. f+mk in about dash range is great, because if she walks/dashes into it, free super. Use your s.mk, it’s great for controlling the range above your head. Duck under super stops stupid jump above your head stuff. I like to use Corkscrew in this matchup because A, Ibuki is weak anyway, B Duck under super is great in this matchup, and alot of times rocket’s 3 hits won’t cut it. As you guys probably know, the f+mk XX hp DP ender DOES NOT work on Ibuki, she flies too far back. Use mk ducking upper instead. If you hit Ibuki with c.rh midscreen, dash, walk forward, hk ducking. Somtimes you end up on the other side. I wouldn’t rely on this, but its a neat trick. Punish c.mk up close with reversal super, punish mis-timed UOH with super. Punish f+hk up close with reversal super.