Dudley Meaty Tutorial

I heard you guys were waiting on tut…

and they said the messiah will come back to lead us through the darkness.

I wish I could have watched this with 3d glasses on. I would have flipped a shit at the text flying out of my screen and into my face.

Nice tutorial!

Good tutorial. I think capitalizing on knockdowns is the weakest part of my game next to generally “being ass”. This gives me some direction. What camera are you using? I’m thinking of getting a dirt cheap one to record match videos.

I recorded it with my flip video ultra. I’m not even sure if they sell this thing anymore, but I’m sure you could find it on eBay or something lol.

Do people really not know this stuff?

If you’ve previously played fairly casually but are starting to go to tournaments and get bodied like me then yes, it’s stuff you don’t know. I know what meaties are, and why they’re effective, but seeing the concrete math behind a few examples gives me a good basis for coming up with my own.

I started playing vanilla with Akuma, super with Rose, and then moved to Dudley in January. Good info for people of my skill level.

I’m completely new to the street fighter series and stuff like this is a massive help. I love Dudley just can’t play him :3

Spookily I uploaded this a few days ago:

off of the overhead, can you try and cancel into the MK for the target combo then input the ultra? I’m not sure if the timings are that lax, but I’m not at my place to check. That way, you would be able to beat the FA too.

It won’t beat Focus even if you do that. If they wake-up and fa backdash as quickly as they can, the mk part whiffs. I have a similar setup off of a focus crumple reset and it loses to fa backdash all the time. Also, if you go for the target combo, you basically negate the overhead since you’re not getting a fat, easily linkable combo from it.

Also, this OS doesn’t work against characters with 22 frame or fewer backdashes and to hit the guys with 23 frame backdashes you need to do the dartshot** really** meaty. Like frame 3 or 4 of the active frames.

Thats why I use the 2 dashes rather than 2 LK Ducks. Those extra 2 frames help. You can also use f+HP and it is like +4 on block.

For focus backdash you can do mk Duck HK duck then f+MK MK HP target combo and OS it with Ultra

Thanks for putting this together East. Makes it easier for noobs like me to figure out what I should be doing.

Yes. I have played Dudley and he is the most classy char by far but never had time explore frame data. This is great info and well explained.

Videos like this are good because they give you NUMBERS to go away and play with yourself. The average player doesn’t know that the techable knockdown from Duck upper is 55f or a throw is 60f. And East showing you how the maths works allows you to not just x-copy his video but also come up with your own variations.

I always wondered why everyone was using Duck straight combo enders in BnBs when you can get such nice meaty set ups after Duck Upper but didn’t want to share my technologies lol. But it did just re-enforce to me that there are no good Dudley’s in Japan.

If you use duck straight combo enders it is braindead easy to set up three different meaties. Short duck = very meaty scoop, Forward duck = 2 frame+ meaty dartshot, Roundhouse duck = meaty crouch short. At least that’s how I’ve done it.

Check the frame data, crHK is a frame faster than fHK with the same active frames. You’ll whiff scoop if you don’t delay after MK Duck.

The vid is a good start but they’ll notice the variable wakeup times between characters and people delaying their quick rise when they get into matches and try to yell at you.

Still works because short duck is 1 frame faster than forward duck. Only forward duck for dartshot because you need to be closer for dartshot combos. Try it in the lab. I figured these without frame data and they work on almost all of the cast without need for adjustments.

Try doing it with frame perfect timing, it’ll whiff, you need to delay.