Dudley Meaty Tutorial

I must not do things with frame perfect timing then. The only time I’ve had these whiff is against Dee Jay when he quickstands. I also highly doubt anyone can do everything with frame perfect timing and would even further say that people tend do things late rather than early especially when it comes to something like setups off of whiff duck-ins where it’s very hard to tell when the animation ends.

If I sound cranky, my b. I have not been sleeping well recently and am not happy that I am up right now.

Plink MK and HK Ducks with LP
Plink crHK with MK

I could do that, but with the way I do those setups I don’t have to. No need to be frame perfect unless I have to be, which is for everything else you have to do with Dudley.

Yeah you don’t have to do it this way. Play and do it for the way that works for you.

If you aren’t doing them frame perfect then you’re just adding in various ducks for fun.

these are very nice, good shit.

I haven’t had many problems with different character wakeups in matches or in training mode, but I’ll continue testing. As for delaying the quick rise, I think that is what c.LK is so great at. It has 4 active frames so the person has two frames to tech up late, and if they are able to do that consistently then they deserve to.

That is exactly why this video was very helpful for me and my scrubby dudley. Quick question, what would the frames be for a ducking straight knockdown?

The answer to that is at the end of the video with the reference numbers

Ah, my apologies and thanks. I watched it on my phone and completely forgot about that section.