Dudley needs Akuma as a secondary. Where do I start?

Probably nobody knows me, but I’m a Dudley main. I know Akuma takes really good care of character that puts Dudley’s offensive game down such as Guile. I know that Akuma takes a lot of hard work but I think it’s time I start taking a step further into deicating my time to learning Akuma. I know Akuma’s vortex and have used them, I know his mixups, and his combos; BnB. But I lose a lot of matches and it’s because of my defense.

Where do I start to really USE Akuma? What are my main footsie tools? What are my defensive options besides blocking, teching, and teleporting out of corners and bad situations? I know there are beginner threads of Akuma, but tbh just reading them doesn’t help all the time. Some points on how to start with Akuma would be great. (I’m still reading the beginners thread, and other stickied ones.)