Dudley proclaimed, "Trade DP is Very Bad Form!"


And so it was written: Thou, who hath even an ounce of dignity, shall refrain thine self from utilizing trade uppercut to any degree of consummation, whatsoever.

Mind your manners, Gents!


I think I just found a new main :smiley:

Oh shit

someone try this with akuma’s df kick?

For a non fireball character this isn’t OP.

I played with Dudders a lot this weekend and if you have a Ryu or Sagat that REALLY wants to spam nothing but hados and then SRK when you try to duck or get close, you have to work for that damage. If someone is stupid enough to jump in on him then they deserve to get ultra’d.

Plus, the ultra off of trade SRK isn’t uber damage like vanilla Sagat.

I am assuming you can do Ducking Straight > Ultra after all of these then?

Uppercut COUNTAH!

Yeah, it works. It only came as a surprise to me because I clearly read that Capcom was trying to get rid of trade dp’s into xx.

This. Plus some of the stuff I’ve read about Jet Upper’s priority being ass.

This is fine cuz Dudley is the type of character that should have trade DP, not someone who is extremely strong from mid and far range like Ryu.

Trade SRK > Straight > Ultra would be lucky to even reach 400 damage though, I think. It’s hardly Sagat juggling 2 f+HK into Ultra for 600!

Good to know that it works though.

Trade SRK > Straight > Super did crack 500, though. Granted, a full Super bar is a lot more costly than Revenge meter …

I find it very funny that Dudley’s super in juggles does WAY more damage than his ultra.Capcom trying to bring super usage back.

“Costly” isn’t when you get 500 damage off a trade.

You have to play pretty well to have full super meter any ways. Building up a full super meter in SFIV isn’t some free shit. Unless Dudley can completely get away with building super meter without needing to use EX. Characters that will zone him out will more than likely force him to use EX meter. Storing super will just be useful against any characters that have trouble keeping him away which those characters will probably lose to Dudley any way.

Dudley doesn’t need to use EX to get in. He doesn’t have any super armor moves and using a naked EX MGB is asking to get punished. he can combo just fine with jab JU into Fierce JU with preceeding jabs, f.mks and s.rhs. That will build plenty of meter. I don’t see how him being zoned will lead to him using EX at all. The only reason i see Dudley using EX is if he’d rather EX MGB for big combos and FADC rather than save for super.

having 2 dp’s in one combo build a lot of meter.

they should’ve let Dudley, Makoto, and Ibuki the ability to build meter by whiffing normals… just to keep it 3S :rofl:

You don’t ever need to use EX meter apart from in combos with EX MGB really. EX doesn’t get you in at all.

Throwing out GTFO EX Jet Uppers is just slack play, and it takes 3 bars to make it safe so it’s really not viable. Like someone said, throwing out naked EX MGB from across the screen will get you eating SRK FADC Ultra for free on block.

I find I get Super full almost every round.