Dudley Q&A: Let's learn... like Gentlemen!

So, most of the Dudley “discussion” is just people asking questions about Dudley. Instead of cluttering all the other threads with questions that have been answered multiple times, i propose we just consolidate everything here. As the questions get answered, i’ll update the OP with the Question and Answer. Frequently Asked Questions and things that a beginner may ask will also be added as they come to light.

Please use this Thread for questions regarding Dudley and not the Discussion, Video, Moveset, Combo, nor Match-up threads.

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Obviously there aren’t many threads at this point. As more information, posts, threads, and guides as well as offsite videos and tutorials become available, this will get updated. New players will be joining with the launch of ssf4, and this thread is to make their life easier and FLAME FREE.

Also, information updated in the OP will be date-marked. If you would like a guide added or find something interesting that isn’t already covered in this thread, please don’t hesitate to bring it to my attention so I can add it to the OP.

Check these Questions FIRST before posting a question in this thread. You may find the answer without having to wait for a reply!

Q & A:

Q0: What?

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Answered on 0/0/2010[/details]

Q1 what’s dudleys learning curve?



Answered on 4/14/2010 [/details]

Q2: hey does anyone know if you can do a corkscrew cross after cross counter, and also can ex thunderbolt punish a back jump?



Answered on 4/14/2010[/details]

Q3: You said sweep can hit up to 3 times in the corner.Is it really true?Also, why is cr.mk considered one of his worst normals?



Answered on 4/17/2010 [/details]

Q4:…What is Dudley’s best quick punish from afar?
Best anti-air normal? Crouching fierce?
Are any of Dudley’s MGB’s safe on block?



I hope it’s ok that i chopped your Post up Logan Sama
Answered on 4/21/2010[/details]

Q5: Is Dudleys 50/50 mix-up off of an empty duck viable like in 3S? (Say HK xx Duck into either throw or short swing blow.) Or is the recovery on ducking so bad its not worth it?



Answered on 4/21/2010[/details]

Q6: whats dudleys best counter versus counter fireball? from afar to get close



Answered on 4/30/2010

Answered on 5/1/2010[/details]

Q7: what can you combo dudleys overhead into?



Answered on 5/10/2010[/details]

Q8: So what is Dud’s most useful Kara-throw?



Answered on 5/10/2010[/details]

Q9: Sometimes I see Dud combo’s start with cr.lk cr.lp and sometimes with cr.lp cr.lp. Does it matter which one of the two I use?



Answered on 5/17/2010[/details]

Q10: After an EX MGB, which Duck is recommended?



Answered on 5/26/2010[/details]

Q11: Is there anything that can be done after an AA s.mk?



Answered on 6/5/2010[/details]

Q12: Does anyone know what Dudles safe jump options are after a forward throw back throw mk ducking upper straight ect.?



Answered on 7/2/2010[/details]

what’s dudleys learning curve?(again iam just a minor shoto player and a major grappler player)
and is there any real reason to throwing out his rose?(other then to taunt your opponent)

Ok so kidney blow give frame advantage.Can you go straight into HK and/or dp?I mean no jabs in between.I’m super special awesome and CAN hitconfirm with f.mp.Let’s jsut say that.So if it hits, can I go staright into DP or HK?
Also , what the hell happens here at 3:54 [media=youtube]N_8C4Aact2k&feature=channel[/media] ?

Will the thread title be changed later on?

I see this as a portal for beginners and don’t want to make it too silly. Actually…i can put links for Dudley stuff in here too and just make it a Beginner/Q&A thread. I can link GGM’s guide here too when it comes out and other resources…

Too good.

You should change the title to like “Dudley’s Q&A: Let’s Learn… Like Gentlemen”

link doesn’t work. Also, time mark links if you want someone to watch a specific time.

Fixed link.Sorry but i have no ideea how to time mark the vids.

What do you mean by learning curve? How long does it take to get comfortable with half-circle motions? What’s his learning curve on his combos/Juggles? Mixup game?
It says you’ve played Abel in your sig, so you must know about half circles. That’s just a very loaded question. Also, since the game isn’t out yet, i doubt anyone has truly “learned” Dudley.

From what i’ve heard, the rose can be used after an Untechable knockdown to begin his mixup. If you aren’t familiar with Dudley’s Rose from 3s, watch some youtube videos. [media=youtube]uWNPKCKd-a8#t=3m45s"[/media] That’s when his rose is used in 3s. It’s also been said that the rose is pretty useless in SSF4 because of how slow it comes out.

at the end of the link add #t=00m00s replace the 0’s with whatever. The link i have above is timemarked at 3:45. use that as an example if you are still confused.

hey does anyone know if you can do a corkscrew cross after cross counter, and also can ex thunderbolt punish a back jump?

Dudley is tricky to use. I’d rate him at an 8.5 or 9 out of 10 character in terms of execution, where 1 would be Blanka and Guile who are fairly simple to use, and 10 being Gen / C.Viper who require serious execution skills to use. Ryu I would score at about a 7, as you really need to be able to link combo into FADC Ultra at tournament level. That’s just my opinion of course, others might chime in with different thoughts.

Dudley’s basic combos are pretty easy, but you are going to need some of the more damaging and harder to execute stuff in this game. Additionally, unlike a shoto, his footise / spacing game takes a lot of getting used to, he has no cr.MK move and no projectile either. You HAVE to be able to pull off his overhead and low links into Uppercut / MGB in this game. That’s what makes Dudley scary, the threat of easy big damage.

However, in terms of being a rewarding to play character, Dudley is amazing. If you put the time into learning him, you’ll reap the benefits. He is awesome fun to play when you are in the groove and rushing down. To quote one of the UK players, he is a “Mixup MACHINE!”

Corkscrew Cross connects after an EX Cross Counter, even midscreen. Can’t do it off the regular version though.

Thunderbolt can punish a jump back, but it comes out slowly and you can be hit out of it yourself. So it’s pretty bad for that use. The Thunderbolt is good as a shock tactic every now and again, and it can cross up if you space it right. But honestly, not a move worth using.

GoldenGunman, what’s your take on what happened here at 3:54 [media=youtube]N_8C4Aact2k&feature=channel[/media] ?

it just looked like a dart shot hard knockdowns an EX dread kick. I forgot i didn’t actually post what i thought happened after watching it haha. I’m guessing EX dread kicks doesn’t have armor and counts as airborn or something . I don’t know why it wouldn’t reset, but i guess that’s just how dart shot works on an airborn opponent? Though you didn’t ask me and i’m just speculating so…“grain of salt” and what not if you prefer.

I did a meaty Dart Shot, Diemenion did a reversal wake-up EX Dread Kick. The moves traded.

This happens quite a lot with Dudley in SSFIV. Sometimes if you meaty Ryu’s DP’s, it will trade. You get knocked on the floor, but you stuff his DP. Generally though, this doesn’t work on EX moves, although Dee Jay’s Dread Kick was the exception.

Also with these videos, everyone keeps asking the same thing. GGM, where are the anti-airs at? There was a lot of lag on the TV’s that were used and it threw me off my AA game. You need to be able to time Dudley’s AA’s (especially one button moves like Stand MK) precisely, otherwise jump-in attacks hit hard. In the warm-up I could sense the lag was so bad that I just didn’t want to take the risk. At least with the FADC backwards, I knew that the opponent could not land a jump in combo, even though you should obviosuly AA the opponent every time!

But they didn’t trade.Dudley scored a counter hit, and stragely dar shot knocked down.

Ha you’re right, next time I should actually check the video properly before replying, lol.

Well as you say, meaty Dart Shot counter hits EX Reversal Dread Kick and knocks down. Not sure why, but the Dart Shot seems to be able to do this to other moves too.

There’s a couple of moves with the new characters i noticed give ‘hard knockdowns’. Ibuki has an A-A kick which does the same.

That’s right, Mr. Gotch. Juri’s Jumping HP is another example of a move with this property.

I guess it’s an attempt to stem the effectiveness of wake-up reversals.

Dudley’s f+hk overhead had that property in 3s iirc.

I can’t wait to find out what else dart shot stuffs. Looks like all the Dudley nay-sayers who didn’t believe in his wakeup game due to reversals eat their…text. I do wonder why it stuffs an EX with a hard knockdown and not regular grounded moves, unless the dreadkicks are considered airborn or some other state besides grounded. I wonder if Zangief’s Ultra 2 will catch dreadkicks by that same token.

As good as the Dart Shot is, wake-up reversals are Dudley’s nightmare. You can take an opponent down to 30% really quickly, only to lose all your life lead due to one lucky guess. It’s just part and parcel of the way Dudley plays and this game’s engine.

You’ve got to be really good at baiting out that Ultra and reading your opponent.