Dudley Revolution

THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN! Basically i just made avy’s of all the dudley colors in third strike. These avy’s are for people who either love dudley, or use him constantly in third strike. So if you dont like dudley or use him in third strike, don’t take one simple as that. If you decide to take one, write your name Here and which color you decided to sport. ALSO IF YOU DECIDE TO NOT SPORT THEM ANYMORE, COME BACK TO THIS THREAD AND SAY THAT YOU GOT A DIFFERENT ONE SO I KNOW WHICH ONES ARE NOT TAKEN!!!

*Soon, i will take custom av requests that involve 1 sprite of dudley and w.e color you want him in. Spread the word people, dudley is here to stay, and the revolution has only begun! :wtf:
ya heard?

boo start a twelve revolution

start a urien revolution. :clap:

this reminds me of a shim sang joon thread… sean powa!?

Darkgigyas are making those because he hates me cause i own him so bad :clap:

Sean Powa! rocks :stuck_out_tongue:


hey thanks dood…ummm dibs on the (damn they all are teh hotness) red and black one…yeah that one fo sho!!!

Dudley > Sean K THNXXX, and shim make me stick art please :]

hmmm Maybe when i get my computer working… I’ll start a bison revolution… I should put a patent on this idea. :clap: :tup:

how can you have a Revolution without this?

Urien Revolution is obviously superior.


1 2 3

dg that’s tight man, good shit. but dudley has a bentley so he is greater than all “hate it or <3 it dudley’s on top, Juggles in the corner man they just won’t stop” but meh that’s true for urien too lol!!

Wow, that nigger has so many cool colors.


damn giygas. that urien shit is hotttttt. CRUSH! KILL! YOU DIE!

What is Dudley’s favorite food?

Shrim Shrim!

I thought it was watermelon and fried chicken?

Oh man…

yo wtf someone ban this idiot

I’ve taken the Cream Dudley avatar as that’s the colour I use with him. Good stuff!

Yo that’s cool and all, but that avy is made by aLee not shim jang son! :wow: