Dudley SGGK!

from what i understand, the way to do this is:

  1. low/high parry
  2. f.mk kara throw
  3. throw happens if opponent does nothing and if opponent does something and gets parried, f.mk into super happens.

however, i can’t tell from the vids I watch if high level dudleys are attempting this. so my question is, do they? and do you?

and is this practical?

It’s practical in some sense if you can confirm f+mk into super consistently. I would do it maybe after a s.lk, s.mk, s.mp chain that was blocked. Like, if your opponent picked up that you cut off the string there, they might start trying to hit low afterwards. It’s something to consider but to not plan to land or to really put a lot of effort into… Seems like a worthy thing to keep in your mind though.