Dudley Situation..what do you do after?



Hello all. First post. Hope I’m not duplicating a past thread. If so, I apologize and please cite.

I’m fairly new with Dudley. I’ve been maining Ken for quite some time now, but due to his limitedness/slow walk speed/terrible normal attack anti air/etc…I’m honestly considering dropping him for Dudley. But like I mentioned, I’m fairly new with him so the situation I got myself into was pretty scrubby of me. lol.

Anyway, here’s the situation…

Dudley vs. Fei Long.
I’m at a considerably low health and need to do some chunky damage quickly. U2 is landed, due to a whiffed chicken wing. Fei is knocked across the screen and me…being in a hurry to deal more damage, I EX MGB. Of course…he blocks and punishes for the match. Typically…I keep my U2 until I know it will finish a round/match. This time, I threw it out too early and tried to play catch up.

When you see an open window for damage and decide to pull out a U2 a little earlier in the match and need to play catch up after, what’s your next move?

I am aware the answers I may get depend on who the opposing player is. Feel free to give other examples as far as opposing characters goes, but I do indeed would like to hear an opinion for Fei.

Thanks, gentlemen. Spots of tea on me in the rose garden.


btw u should never ex.mgb raw… it’s a combo ender… it’s ridiculously negative on block… something like -8 so some people can even raw ultra to punish
and you can also get beat out of ex.mgb

you can do ex.mgb as a surprise to chip the enemy tho, and u can use hp.mgb if u don’t have meter.

u should watch smug, there are SO many videos of him, or watch shintroy’s tut on youtube… dudley does SO much damage without meter, and smug does a lot of meterless combos- sometimes winning and going thru rounds without using a bar to save for later in the match

also, the easiest ways to juggle corkscrew cross (ultra 2) is thru:

hit confirm into st.hk xx ex.mgb juggle cr.hk juggle U2 (corner only)
hit confirm into st.hk xx ex.mgb juggle ex.ducking straight juggle U2 (anywhere on screen- tip: to get the most dmg from U2 in this juggle combo, u can’t cancel the ex.ducking with a straight right away, u have to wait a few frames then cancel with a straight in the juggle, THEN hit U2)
cr.hk juggle mk/hk ducking straight juggle U2

once u get better, u don’t actually need the ex.ducking straight juggle U2 after ex.mgb combo ender… you can actually do:

hit confirm into st.hk xx ex.mgb juggle lk/mk.ducking straight juggle U2 (but this is sooooooo much tighter than ex.ducking straight juggle)


If it isn’t Adon you can just walk up U2 without ducking straight, you don’t have to worry about timing the straight of each of the fall times.


Don’t ever ex mgb raw unless you’re a tru pimp69420.
That scenario you set up sounded like some fanfic. best advice i could give is be cautious but if you see an educated opportunity to go buck, do it.

also, pro tip: don’t talk about roses and tea n crumpets. I’m sure there is a street fighter roleplaying forum where you can do that.


Stick to Ken, there is nothing for you here, friend. Nothing good will come of this…


I think you’ve got your priorities for Ultra and EX MGB reversed. Go for Ultra when you know you have an opening, U2 is really good at punishing blocked DPs and dumb forward jumps on characters without jump changers like Ryu/Ken/Akuma, Adon etc. EX MGB should only be used outside of combos and punishes when you know the chip will kill. I actually use EX MGB a fair bit for chip wins at full screen but you need to learn how much damage it does on block and the timing you need to get most of the hits.

Also, EX MGB>cr.hk>U2 does 400ish in the corner and isn’t all that hard online.


Watch the tut (there’s a thread on it, read the first post or click link in the signature)
Watch Smug and My videos to try and understand Dudley’s strengths.

Never full screen exmgb out of desperation.
With Ultra 2 after ex KGB midscreen you get the most damage out of either EXMgb>U2, or EXMgb>Delay Ex Straight >U2 ( 6 hits)