Dudley Stage "Blow Your Mind" Remix Feedback appreciated

Hey everyone…

I’ve been playing SF since the early 90’s as a kid growing up. I had SF2 for the SNES and enjoyed it immensely. Later on, I bought the Dreamcast when it came out and my love for 2d fighters was once again rejuvenated! Over the last few years, my systems are long gone (however, my DC is still in my room :bgrin:) and I am no longer involved in the gaming scene. However, every now and then I’ll pop in my disc and brush my skills. Since the last few years, DJ’n has become my new hobby. Music is now my passion as you’ll see when I begin to post more often. Anyways, every now and then a track will stand out in my mind and often make me wonder if I can create something around it. This so happened with the theme song for Dudley’s stage in 3rd Strike. I love house music, and the beat is a heavy resemblance of my preferred house sound. Anyways, enough blah blah… Enjoy!