Dudley Stage Music Remix

I am creating a remix of the Dudley’s stage background music. As with my Ryu Stage background music remix, I plan to input some of Balrog’s voices into the remix, like,

ROFLMAO!!! :lol:

Please GTFO of our Dudley forum.

Post anywhere except here KTHXBYE.

Should I put ‘You have no dignity’ at the start, middle or the end of the remix?

put it at the end and mix in alot of gutta trash

Oh YEAH! Guttar trash - gutterr trash - tras - guter -gutter - trash -trash - gutter trash gutter trash-trash

and stay out of the ibuki forum to roshi…k?

This guy is either the best 3rd Strike troll ever or completely out of his mind.

Holy shit.

Here is the remix. The sound quality is not perfect just yet, so its a small file size.

Thats no dudley remix, its fucking Japanese people getting hype about something

Where’s all the “Gutter Trash!”?

And I thought it was featuring Balrog?

Jesus Christ why the hell is he unbanned.

Man, Roshi fucking rocks!