Dudley Theme 3rd strike, somthing to dance to

Dudley or balrog who would receive the beating of a lifetime?

(to make it relevant to fighting game discussion seing as how i dont know how to close)

Check it out, made me laugh (not at him, with him) :lovin:


“You have no Dignity”

nice reply lol

“Let’s fight like gentleman’s”

I wonder how much dudley quotes we could get before someone closes this?

Seriously though.

You should delete this thread and put it in the video topic on the General Discussion board.


ahahhahahhahhahaha That is awesome.

Dudley wants to fight like gentleman’s but Balrog fight like Mike Tyson.

Dudley would give some of his vast riches to Balrog.


“Not very articulated are you chap?”

*Not very articulated on your movements are you chap?