Dudley Tool Assisted Superplay



Note: Had posted this in the wrong board, a friend pointed out the better solution. I’m new to this forum and a combination of poor browsing made me do something stupid. Anyway, da post:

I made this some days ago, thought I’d post it here too. Took me several hours to finish, pausing work days at a time… all in all I feel proud of the outcome, as I included some combos by KYSG in every match. Enjoy.



This was a pretty cool vid, I’ll be honest. It felt like Messatsu Yarou was playing Dudley, haha

Yeah, this was a TAS vid, but as eye candy this is fun to watch. All the small dodges looked sick, and some of the color edits looked pretty sweet(especially Makoto’s).


Very cool vid.

That Dudley color needs to be in 3SOE.


@Aku: Love your avatar, haha. Thanks, if you want Makoto’s palette let me know, I’ll upload it.

@Aftermat1349: I know right D: If you want it, I already posted it in the palettes thread, I made a whole set for Dudley; minus HP and LK palettes though, which I think are perfect as-is.



Very nice! I’m computer retarded so is there anything I need to know in order to use/apply these colors?

Edit: So I downloaded the palette but the info on the first post doesn’t help at all. The best I could understand is to put the unzipped file into the roms folder? That did nothing so obviously it’s wrong but I have no idea what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


First of all make a backup.

1 - Unzip sfiii3n.zip or sfiii3.zip
2 - Open file 51 with PalMod
3 - Select Dudley in the drop down menu.
4 - Below it you shall see another drop down menu that goes like LP, MP, HP, etc. I named each one accordingly in my zip so you know which ones goe where but you’re absolutely free to load any palette to any button.
5 - Select which palette you want to change, then click Tools > Load ACT Palette.
6 - Double click the one you want.
7 - Do the same for the Portrait; click the bottom drop-down menu to select it, then click again Tools > Load ACT Palette.
8 - Finally, click Update, and then File > Patch changes.

After that, repack all the files into a new zip and use this new one as a rom in your emulator of choice; you’ll get an error message but just click OK and it will be loaded without problems. Make sure that your back up is not in the same folder, otherwise you risk overwriting it.