Dudley trails help please (stand punch+machine gun blow)



I’ve started doing the trails for a few of my favorite characters and I’ve reached a hiccup in my endeavor and this may be a PC thing and the problem may be part of the trials challenge for all I know. Every time I start the combo I do the stand punch and it lands fine, but when I get to the machine gun blow Dan blocks it and I can’t move forward without knowing what the solution is. This may be a stupid question an I may come off a simpleton but we all have to start somewhere I guess. I might be able to upload a video via potato cam 500 later. Any kind of help, tips or anything of the nature would be helpful and very much appreciated!


Machine Gun Blows are cancels, not links. You’ll want to cancel the recovery of the previous move with the MGB command.

Simply, imput your MGB much faster, so it cancels your normal into the special move.

Also, you should know that there are other places to ask this question on the boards, like Q&A Thread Stickied Here: forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/100576/dudley-q-a-let-s-learn-like-gentlemen/p1


Thanks a lot, man! And thanks for the link too, I’m new to the boards and have quite a bit to learn.