Dudley v.2012 stealth buffs

so i didn’t manage to find any stealth buffs
report your finding(s) here and discuss dudley’s bright future

There are none.Thread will be empty.Capcom hates Dudley.

i found 3

If you did you’ve would listed them

I think I found some. But to confirm I’m gonna set up my xbox and ps3 on different tvs. I’ll report in a few hours.

wait for tut

Don’t know if anyone mentioned this, but towards medium punch seems to give more advantage or less pushback, or whatever. I can link the jab afterwards so much easier than before, once again I don’t know if its cause I’ve been practicing the link or if it got easier.

Can you guys PM me?

desk the fggt put 1 in his combo video and the other one im saving for tut it’s not ground breaking or anything just something different from AE

didnt realize someone pointed out 5F LP Jet upper hitting after EX ssb on some chars

Doopliss posted it in his vid before Desk did

smileymike was raging about desk and the videos he sto… I mean used from Doopliss. Smiley if i wasn’t supposed to do this I’m sorry but I’m truly bored and have nothing else better to do tonight.

Medium and Heavy SSB > FADC +4 on hit

I haven’t seen any other vids introducing stuff like mine yet, oh, and I already found a counter to the stealth nerf I noticed. Late F.HP, St.Hk works on Sagat, Chunli, Cammy, and Dhalsim so far…oh, add blanka, zangief and rose.

So far, with it being +4 off FADC medium and heavy SSB allows for linking st.HK

Found one. http://i.imgur.com/AOU7U.jpg

With the new dash you can do F.HP or Duck Straight on Ibuki you will cross over.

^^^ I think he means duck straight FADC.

The duck straight has to be kind of close for the cross under to happen, like at his wrist. Max range duck straight FADC seems to be normal. Regular 'ol s.HK xx LK duck straight FADC works midscreen and in the corner. c.LP, c.LP, s.HK xx duck straight FADC doesn’t work midscreen all of the time, but does work in the corner. f.MK, s.HK xx LK duck straight FADC works midscreen and in the corner. I would imagine c.HP, s.HK xx MK duck straight FADC would work midscreen and in the corner.

Needs more testing
Might work on other characters?

EDIT: According to SmileyMike101 it works on crouching Vega, crouching Cody, and standing Ibuki