Dudley v. Remy = remy ownz?!

I can’t believe I hadnt’ thought about this match up sooner, but I remember one time during casual play i went up against a remy user that knew the charge partitioning and such, which meant i was at the opposit end of the screen most of the time. I tried getting around the LoVs with ducking uppers, and jumping parries, but i was met with LoJs and/or SRRFs, or worse, neutral throw xx SRRF. I was wondering if any one else had come across good remy players and what to do in instances where you have to go up against a salvo of LoVs.

on a side note, this guy didn’t peeve me considering that, even when i did get close, he wasn’t being a turtle, and new his shit. :slight_smile: I like playing people who don’t peeve me with scrubby tactics that shouldn’t work, but do.


i’ve never had a chance to play against a good Remy. Heck, i’ve never even played a decent one. The Remy users here pose no challenge whatsoever. i wish there were good Remy players so i can really see what advantages Dudley has over him (as Adverse Solutions mentioned that a good Dudley owns Remy).

There’s a few good Remy users around here.

It’s hard because Remy has a good range game, while Dudley has absolutely none besides the rose. Remy can keep away pretty well with his specials and his high priority pokes. The same goes with Urien, Chun Li, 12, etc. Urien and Chun is a damn hard match IMO, if you mess up once you eat a monster damage combo (I almost got double perfected by a Urien and his Tokido ass bullshit :()

But Remy has really low stamina, if you’re able to get in close it’s over.

I, too, have a problem with Dudley vs Remy match up. It’s just that Dudley has hard time getting in Remy.

I was playing against Remy LOV whore (and EX LOV whore) so I end up parrying too much shit. Occasionally, he’d do the QCB+K while I was busy parrying his LOV. However I can see that miles away, so I can parry that and punish him.

My problem is trying to keep his ass down. I always eat his wake up (EX) Flash Kick when I was trying to do something meaty on him. What I can do in this situation? I was doing meaty cr.shorts. I haven’t thought of doing other meaty moves.

I could TRY ducking under his LOV and cancel that to super or something, but I’m not sure about it since Remy recovers so quickly from throwing a LOV.

Also, I know if I can get one jump in, Remy’s dead. Although it’s easier said than done :frowning: He’d pull out so much anti air shit that I could parry half of it, but I feel that’s not enough parrying to get in. I could maybe try jumping up and down to freak him out, or something so he’ll do something stupid. Maybe that’ll work, maybe not.

Any ideas from people who also experienced Dudley vs Remy match?

As stated, one jump-in will reduce remy’s chance of victory drastically. My advice is to find patterns such as one or two pokes, then LoV. Once you’ve spent a little time during the match analyzing this, you can jump and as long as you jump at the same time he throws the LoV, you can bust a huge combo. Remy recovers slightly slower than it looks. Look for other stuff, like if they happen to accidentally hit the roundhouse button while crouching (since no remy player who knows what he’s doing would ever sweep randomly), you can parry the second hit easily and I think you actually have time to walk up and hit him with a roundhouse during the recovery and bust a combo if he sweeps at max range. Either that or just go straight into ex MGB. The standing/crouching forward kick is a good move, but it’s slow; try to detect that among poking patterns and jump in.

Also, during the buffer-mania, once he runs out of ex ones, if he doesn’t switch to something else and he’s within half the screen, I think a well-timed duck-under during a high LoV into the long punch will work just fine, though you might trade hits it’ll at least stop that keepaway shit temporarily and I think the damage is in dudley’s favor.

Just bait the wake-up nonsense, the EX flash kick has good invulnerability and priority, but remy’s gonna feel it if dudley blocks.

Also, don’t get scared by his long-ass-range kara throw and make it change your style. The distancing on both of his best (and only good) kara cancelling moves must be fairly precise–meaning while they obviously can’t throw you at too long a range, they can’t kara the moves properly from too close because the strong and roundhouse change as they get close.

dudley wins… remy’s discs are easily avoided, once dudley gets close, its over… remy has to get lucky

remy’s gameplay is not just about discs and flash kicks, a good remy will not just abuse his charge moves and are very hard to get into.

insyead of parrying duck under the high lovs and UOH over the low ones, thats quite rare =/ and the remy has to get in to get a piece of ur health away

Doom is absolutely correct. Doing this, along with the occassional parry makes this keep away tactic, not only useless, but also not too bright. Dudley gets in closer everytime and the damage in the match is so much in Dudley’s favor it’s ridiculous. The charge moves are best when used inside. From half a screen away Dudley can duck or UOH easily. If they get patternized at all it’s all too easy to punish him. Many Remy’s will make the mistake of doing a low boom and then a high boom. UOH the first boom and start the motion for the ducking and watch. Press the button if he follows the low one with a high one and he’s eating it. If he does another low one, let go and UOH. There’s no need to jump aside from making it more fun to play:P

You should aways be prepared to cancel the ducking into a super.

Also, when in close, it’s pretty messed up for Remy that any landed attack means huge damage. UoH, st.RH into combo is mad fun because it’s easy and does insane damage since Remy is crouched.

Remy has to work too hard to gain damage back once he eats something. So what if you eat a few booms? Get in once and those booms don’t mean shit. heheh


Many people will alternate because you cannot charge buffer the same level of LoVs back to back, at least, not in the sense that you can perform one right after the animation of the previous one. If he tried to do another low one, he’d either stick his feet out or he’d wait so that the LoV will come out, but much later.

a good remy wouldnt stay still while throwing LOV’s for keep away… the second a LOV is thrown remy can dash forward OR back 1 or 2 times and throw another one HIGH OR LOW… not to mention he also has the option to RRF after any of the dashes.

i throw a low LOV, u UOH over it? i’m already next to u throwing u/hitting u out of it, (remy’s dash is FAST folks) while u recover from it. the only time u can get a ducking move on remy is if u guess a high LOV right, but remy can throw low LOV’s all day cus u’ll have to guess what he’ll do with it after he’s thrown it. so guess what… dudley has to jump and this black man can’t jump.

but i guess a normal remy user would be owned by a dudley since dudley is a more popular character, that and ppl have more info to get better with him then remy.

dudley doesnt have an advantage its 50/50 or 60/40 in remy’s favor

Fighting a good Remy is so difficult for Dudley, especially with his jump being so low which is hard for him to jump over high lovs(parry that shit? Remy still recovers before you do).

I was fighting a good Remy last week and I got trapped in the corner by 26lovs(excluding exs), the lovs were so tight I couldn’t do jack shit except parry and block that shit because there were 2-3lovs on the screen at a time with less than half an inch apart from each other (UOH over a low one? then get hit by the high one! or ducking under the high one then get hit by the next low one! and random ex’s owns both for free)and Remy’s anti air option is so wide on Dudley it is very difficult to get close.

Sure Dudley does heaps of stun/damage and Remy has a low health/stun bar, but getting those shots in aren’t easy o_O

I agree with EVERDRED, its 50/50 or 60/50 in a good Remy’s favour

Against a Remy…from what I seen, don’t bother parrying fireballs, just go either under or over. Also when getting in, throw out random down parry. Seriously…It works. Ask EVIL!!!

EDIT: Learn the infinite on Remy

Remy is one of dudleys hardest match ups but its not a dominating factor. I dont know how effective my tips are on remys around the world but from what i seen remy has to have done his homework on all his pokes, range and charge partitioning.

High low fireballs can get annoying and keep dudley at bay because he has a small jump. High fireball/standing strong/crouching fierce keeps dudley from going to the air. If your going to the air make sure you can parry. Flipkicks and pokes will stuff you alot.

To get around these i think its just good guessing. QCF+K to dash in under the high ones and just block the low ones. PEople like to setup for a grab after some fireballs. So watch for them dashing in. Some fireball setups lead to codebluekick(not sure if thats the correct name) the arcing jump kick move. From there either instand flipkick or a poke. You can try parry but i suggest kick back and chill wait for a mess up like a blocked flipkick or misjudged codebluekick range. You can hit them back with Standing RH. DP+fierce.

The most important factor on playing a good remy i think is getting knocked down. Being by a grab or flipkick. A good remy can charge partition flipkicks and stuff your pokes standing strong, standing RH, forward+forwardkick then knocks you on your ass. From here he can start throw fireballs out and get his rushdown in. My best advance is to chill and dont pressure too much. Start of the match work your way in, and keep on him but dont keep throwing out things. Watch for them to miss something and capitalize. I like to get them in the corner and grab. While they are on wake up, i run mind games F+RH, super link/grab/trip infinite. Not to be too aggresive after one of these i mix it up with a late QCB+RH swingbackblow. I perfer the RH one because it will whiff a grab and a flipkick by remy. Then you are left to either xx super a whiffed grab or do your favorite combo on his landing of a flipkick. If the do neither and block…unless they parry you are 100% safe and free to back off/grab/F+forward.

Well this is just me and must sound like a bunch of shit to the “pros” but just my 2 cents. Laters

ummmm… if your strat has anything to do with waiting for a missed “flip kick” i dont think that will suffice as a good tactic…

remy can set up a grab on a down parried LOV also not just the high ones…

u jump in i can just mash on jab all day long and watch u try and parry it.

if u dash underneath a high LOV, remy can sweep u out of the dash if your too far away.

ummm tell me what this “infinite” is, and if u think that’ll help u get in on a good remy, the problem isnt damaging remy its getting near him which dudley can not unless remy makes a mistake.

Its not waiting for a missed flipkick, because most times a remy can do a short flipkick and still be relatively safe. I’m saying just to watch for it one a wake up/random hit. Cause if he gets you on the ground, chances for dudley drop. The remy gets in a good 2secs for fireballs.

Remy’s main setup i thing is his fireball. High, low, dash grab/poke/UOH.

I’m trying to say not to get overconfident on your rushdown. So in the case you get hit by a random flipkick.

On a jump in, i seriously doubt you want to mash jab went instead you can down+fierce, filpkick, or even standing strong which sends him farther back and a better setup for remy.

The way you get in on remy is you let him get near you. Kick back…wait and guess his patterns. When he dashes in after fireballs low strong beats out all his pokes close. The thing you need to watch out for is grab. Him getting you on the ground is the worst place for dudley.

My bad, its not an infinite. Its down+RH 5 times then whatever dudley feels like. STanding strong to reset him then go high low or grab/F+forward for best damage.


i’m putting this in my remy thread…

u may seem to know about playing as dudley but u got a long way to go in your remy options.

rule number 1

down and fierce is good but that’s death if it gets parried… your only supposed to down and fierce with remy if u see a early air attack or parried a high jump in attack… down fiercing as a anti air is iffy.

rule number 2

u shouldnt EVER just RRF as an anti air unless it’s super early(u guess they r about to jump) or a super late EX version…

rule number 3

if u know the opponent is coming in for a parry WHY NOT mash jab? if i simply hit standing close strong sure its fast but i wouldnt throw a single hitting move on someone who just wants to parry, close standing strong for anti air is to out prioritze(sp?) the opponents jump in not to flat out just anti air them from an empty jump in.

rule number 4

standing far strong is good to use but that’s mainly used as a trapping tool for remy, the high low LOV’s in the corner get too frustrating for the opponent they’ll wanna jump thats when u replace a low LOV for a standing far strong… cus the opponent will want to jump at that moment when the low LOV is thrown, the far strong will hit as they r jumping up (pretty hard to react to that and parry as well).

ground game remy is just dashing in for a throw on dudley, or countering his throw attempts, LOV rapid fire makes dudley come forward or jump, remy deals massive damage from anti air set ups while dudley deals massive damage from being in close on the ground in front of remy (which he wont be).

reasons why dudley gets owned

Interesting match up. Looks like the main thing in this match up is Dudley trying to get in and Remy keeps him out.

Let’s focus on one situation at a time.

Say, Dudley gets a chance to knock Remy down and Remy didn’t do a quick get up. Dudley dashes to get close to Remy. What would Dudley do from there on? I always feared that Remy would do wake up EX flash kick if I do anything meaty on him. Then it’s back to square one if that happens.

I could just stand there and hold back just when Remy gets up. However he might throw me and I would tech it, create a space between us and it’s back to square one… Sigh :frowning:

I thought I would just stand one character away from Remy. My guess Remy couldn’t really do anything from there except pokes, I dunno. Any other thoughts on this specific situation?

maybe sometimes u can do swing away blow as remy gets up