Dudley v urien dudley v gouki


since the info in the character specific forums is nearly untouched and pretty outdated, I would love it if someone could maybe give me some tips on these matchups…according to that matchup chart urien is 5-5 and gouki 6-4. If anyone has any experience please share. Thanks in advance


Any pair of players that keeps an average of 6-4 or 5-5 on a regular basis is either way too good for us to tackle at this moment in time OR really, really bad at playing 3s and plays some weird training mode functor version of it.


This is assuming both players are of equal skill no matter how high or low. Can you play these matchups aggressively without dying on the way in or are they more defensive matches


I can help with dud v gouki…

I really support choosing rocket uppercut in this matchup. Gives you a 50% damage reversal against tatsumaki. corkscrew reversal punishes too if you are more comfortable with it. learning this punish is essential imo

I’d start familiarizing yourself with the gaps in air fireball. Set up a Gouki dummy doing different types of air fireball (neutral jump, jump back, jump forward, early air fireball, low air fireball) and practice command dash through it to super. If you do this just one time it will scare the Gouki player a lot.

Jumping is complicated in this matchup. You might want to test your opponents anti air game early before they get a super stocked. sometimes early jump rh beats a Gouki player who is mid srk motion (going for a deep anti air srk x sa1). Gouki has great anti air options but your low jump arc is strong too.


Thanks for the reply. Using rocket uppercut can be beneficial I agree, but how would ducking under an air fireball then SA1 do? its kinda broken i might get 1 maybe 2 hits to connect :(. I read that i should try to get the gouki to fight on the ground, How true would you say that is? Can i play ground gouki the same way that i would play ground ken/ryu? Gouki gets so much dmg off a low forward so its kinda scary. One more thing, this has been touched on in another thread but gouki that uses option parry forward vs dud gets annoying. my 3 low attacks that i would go to next i guess seem subpar for this situation. cr lk is kinda short, cr mk/hk are slow startup so gouki could throw out cr mk option parry high then block. I figured that i would just be patient and anti air. Also, wait for a tatsu to punish since its inevitable. I don’t really see many options outside of those.


Let’s play again djdw. I need practice vs Dudley and seems like you need practice vs Gouki. Gunna get better at using that option parry toward a lot more. Lol.


lol anytime man


Your ducking went under. Akuma doing the air fireball well to time it for space and be able to land might be a problem, so like he said there’s different timings and jumps that mean different situations. Him jumping at you and having to come forward to land right next to you would take more hits there if you get it.

Yup SA1 seems like it needs them to be grounded for all the hits. Or just close enough to the ground to not pop too high? You can take a different approach with the hit before he lands to carry him to the corner instead of thinking Ducking Super is the only move right there since it looks like you got a big opening. Like if he’s neutral jumping or jumping back so you’re trying to get in anyway and push him around.

Like kick 2 hit upper can confirm and show you if they are grounded or not. And if you only hit the 2nd hit, you can juggle and continue with more stuff. Ducking, wait enough, then super. Not a cancel out of the ducking right away, can work. corkscrew there won’t have too many problems to make you think it was a waste of super for not getting all the hits since it doesn’t worry about them being in the air from how it hits and where they end up, not popped back over you Rocket SA1 waste. But you do want them to eat the most hits you can get, when you might need all that damage and not leave anything off the table. So its still good practice to want to punish Akuma closer to the ground even there. He’s already used up an air action with the attack so he’s vulnerable


pherai plays gouki. he’s giving you misleading tips so that you will lose to gouki. don’t listen to him!


But on the real, yeah, build meter, play strong defense, get those ducking super punishes off jumps when you can and never be afraid to jump at Gouki. A Dudley that mixes up jump ins is the scariest shit ever…
Speaking of that… I jump in on some guy with Dudley like 8 times in a row and did EX uppercut… Worked every time…


you have no problems. Play some offline and keep practicing. You’re easily in top 5% of online players I have played.


Why do you even jump if you don’t-have to-even do anything with the jump-

you can EX upper everytime, Ex upper at all.

If your Makoto fought your Dudley, what would that look like?