Dudley vs Balrog

A pic I’ve been thinking about for sometime. Took me about an hour or so.

If anyone wants to color it (SFMC, Kando, etc) PLEASE DO!

I wish I didnt shade it, the original line work looks atleast 50x better.

Please ignore terrible light-sources and proportioning. And yes, Balrogs arm can be turned like that (The arm coming down like that is based off a picture of Mike Tyson). He kinda looks like hes wackin’ off.


Edit: my scanner makes it look a little sketchy and rugged.

loking pretty good for a start. Just work on basic structuring right now because it’s kind of soft. Stick to one shadow connection and mass the shadows instead of letting it slide everywhere. Overall great job.

Oh and crap man i forgot to do that alt thing for you. let me do that right now actually now that i am home from work. TGIF.

Bascially the eyedrop trick works best if you have opacity on brush set at anything besides 100 percent. I set mine on about 70, but feel free to play around as the lower the opacity the better the fade.

Brush down a color and eye drop it. Now brush down the color you just eyedropped. Notice it is lighter when brushed down. Make sure you opacity is on anythiung but 100 percent.

In the picture you see the arrows indicate a transition from dark to light as I keep on alting(eyedropping). Just throw down two solid colors. A midtone and a darktone as I have donw on Dudleys face. Highlights come last but dont worry about that. Thats about it just alt your colors from there. You are now ready to color! take it easy man.


Someone ought to send you to Sudan or Darfur, because you are a goddamn miracle worker.

just want to add that sometimes references from photos don’t necessarily provide the best possible way to compose a pic… as you mentioned, this pose is somewhat ambiguous.

Dudley & Blarog look kinda stiff (esp Dudley, he looks more like he’s throwing a clothesline). Try looking in a relatively large mirror as you throw a punch, you’ll get more realistic body movements that way. Take note of how the head, torso & non-punching arm relate to the punching arm.

Great, now I wanna see this done. And try not to overblend. I still have that problem. Just find your highlights and shadows like SFMC said, and you’re straight. Have fun.

Update, semi colored, about 2 straight hours into it.

Nice, but don’t overdo the red eye. I’d also echo what rook said.