Dudley vs. Chun-Li

I’ll start by saying I am a fairly new Dudley user. With that out of the way, Chun is easily the most difficult match for me. There are other matches I lose, but can at least see that there are things I could do and I’m losing because of my newbie ways. With Chun, I have no idea where to begin. I’ve been playing SA1 Dudley lately. I don’t know how to stop back fierce from Chun. I would imagine if I use SA3 I could try to bait a whiff and punish it. I can’t get in on Chun. Sweep and back fierce stop most all of my rushes, pokes, and sway in attempts. Those two also stop my jump ins. I hope someone can give me a starting point to guide me in the correct direction on this fight. I’d hate to think that I have to audible to Yun every time I see a Chun player.