Dudley vs. Dictator

Okay I have realized that I have always have problems with Dictators.

Any advise on how to advance on them? I mean when you knock them down, your wakeup options are very limited in the sense that he can simply pysco crusher his way out without being punished.

if you block his wake-up EX PC at point blank, u can reversal EX MGB to punish.

I would do a safe-jump vs bison and then block his wake-up and punish. If he doesn’t do a wake-up then u can continue the pressure.

edit: actually you can’t punish with EX mgb on block.

some basic vs. Bison stuff that applies to a lot of the cast:
you can focus headstomp/devil’s reverse (not ex DR though)
ex scissors is bad on block to punish that
of course slide is unsafe if he does it from too close

somebody should chime in and see what moves can trade in Dudley’s favor with Dic’s MK and HK

using late meaties on bison’s wake up allows you to option select blocking their ex psycho or them eating/blocking the meaty (meaties like cr. lk or f.mk) both options are in your favor. Also Bison is more or less free to jump in on (just don’t be predictable with jump ins).

Other things of note. If bison is on the other side of the screen and is spamming lp devil’s reverse, you can ex mgb on their way down.

c. strong (buffered into jab or strong MGB) stuffs Bison’s Scissor kick start up and his s. RH. Best footsie tool I’ve found so far. Lots of c. strongs!!!

As a bison player dudleys macho man elbow jump attack beats anything I try to hit him out of the air with, it’s been killing me.

Cr. MP is pretty much your go to button in this match. its one of the only pokes that will really do much. Can stuff a few of his pokes and as mentioned earlier, can stuff Scissor kicks on start up. Standing MP can also stop scissor kicks if spaced right. F+MP is also a really solid poke in this match for that little extra distance.

Pretty much MP in general is what you want to have primed and ready in this match.

yeah whenever you stuff one of any characters moves… Make sure you go in with low kick ducking…

Jump heavy kick (elbow), that’s all you need. If he throws empty devil reverses or headstomps. Ex-MGB them right as he’s about to land.

I feel like throwing the f.mk more frequently into a sea of c.lps is helpful against Bison, since he can’t really mash his specials to get out. It’s just really frustrating that he beats Dudley on the ground AND has a good runaway game.

two things that punishes EX PC in any situation are: reversal mp mgb, NON-Reversal U1 (you need to wait a tad after bison crosses you then start the ultra, or else the 1st hit whiffs and bison gets to block it).

after a knockdown, i like doing safe jump rh, os FP MGB to cover teleports, c.lp etc. If they teleport, fp mgb will tag them, if the ex pc you get to block and you can punish as mentioned above. if he does ex scissors he might be tagging you out of fp mgb, it’s kinda odd.

if they do any type of devils reverse from anywhere (even from full screen), if you wait til they do their punch and about to land, you can tag them with ex mgb for full hits into whatever you want.

the problem i find vs good dicts is that it’s incredibly hard to get in. he out pokes you all day and if you get reckless and jump in they will stuff you with s.rh all day.

if you can master safe jump os ex uppahcut, you can beat out wakeup ex psycho crusher. this is one of the best matches to master your st fierce “footsies” cuz if you’re not inside, this is your best bet to keep him off of you. just don’t get predictable or you’ll eat a ton of focuses. and bison will focus… a lot… he’s got one of the best, coupled with fast ass dash and retardedly great walk speed. cr. short his cr. shorts when he’s tryin to do scissor kick pressure. cr strong, as mentioned before, is your best anti scissor kick poke, but you have to be fairly close and quick to react.