Dudley vs. Hugo

Who fairs better in this match-up? What can Dudley do agaisnt Hugo?

My friend argues that Dudley can’t punish Hugo’s S.FP (the overheard elbow) and Hugo’s 0 frame 360P can grab him in between blocked strings. He also says a majority of Hugo’s moves push him out of counter range.

What can Dudley do to win this match-up?

it’s obvious. don’t stand close. learn to poke/counter-poke. irritate hugo.

…oh man, but if you play against a keep away hugo that knows how to parry the fuck out of Dudley’s normals (standing or otherwise) mix in a lot of duck unders without the punch to go into throws. Outprioritize/Counter s.strongs with s.roundhouse so you can go into EX mgb, or simply to get in at the right moments. The hugo player we’ve got knows how to abuse timing with hugo so that he can either a)parry blocked chains to go into hammer frenzy, b) ouprioritize the next move in chains. And, of course, it doesn’t help that he can do the two claps xx hammer mountain, along with things like neutral throw into EX clothesline in the corner >__< Damned hugo resets.

if the hugo likes to parry, mix in some ducking upper xx throw.

there are players who instinctively ‘psychic parry’ chains by tapping forward everytime they block. if you play against them, then learn to alternate/stop your chains, or just go old school and do random pokes. your dash >>> hugo’s dash. abuse that as well. those who turtle, just turtle back. they’ll eventually go in, which means you can go counter-offensive with pokes. they can’t go in and parry at once. O_o dudley has great range pokes. learn to time them properly.