Dudley vs Ibuki?

for anyone having trouble with this match, you might wanna check out epsilon_'s post here:

unfortunately my problem seems to be a little different… the below are more tactical than strategic issues. a lot of it has to do with defending against an aggressive Ibuki.

  • Ibuki’s jump ins seem to have huge priority and none of my standard anti-airs seem to work. i’ve tried HK xx jab MGB, SSB combos, even c.HP… i can’t find anything that reliably beats out her air chains. i’m usually a big fan of the MK HK HP target combo, but these Ibukis can parry that. right now early j.MP and ducking xx SA3 seem to hit consistently, but that requires some anticipation.

  • the tough thing about predicting jump ins is that Ibuki has some great moves on the ground. it’s not like fighting Dudley where the only things you really look for are f.MP, c.HK and the jump (so you can pretty much ducking xx super on reaction)… Ibuki has a lot more to occupy (“hypnotize”) you into not anticipating her jump.

  • she jumps in with a two-hit chain a lot. naturally when she blocks it means she’s too far to do anything but jab, but it’s a fast jab (and she can just jump again). what’s the best thing to do when you block an air chain?

  • after her target combo > launcher reset into jump follow-up, i have only so much time to counter her jump in. now… i use SA3 against Ibuki. problem is, with the amount of time Dudley has to counter that jump-in it’s easy to parry SA3. if i don’t SA3, i have to block an air move. again, another problem with anti-airing Ibuki.

  • how do you jump on Ibuki? she’s short so early HK doesn’t work like on Chun or Ken.

  • am i imagining things or is it harder to f+HK > SA3 a crouching Ibuki than other characters?

any help would be great…

best thing to do after blocking an air chain? block more.

if she jumps in at you after a combo into launcher, duck sa3 her ass.

you shouldnt really try to jump at ibuki that much, but if you do, j.mk and j.fp are decent options.

youre imagining things on the last part, its the same as anyone else.

this is a hard matchup.

Work on getting her knocked down. Like Epsilon said…just block. Ibuki has a lot of stuff that leaves very little time to punish even on parry so it’s best to just keep on the defensive when she has momentum. Ibuki doesn’t have low forward to super like other characters in the game so you don’t always have to be in fear of her low attacks. Majority of the time she’ll be pressuring you with high chains just so she can maybe slip in a c.LK to EX kicks or c.HK, s.HK chain when you’re looking for an overhead.

Once you get Ibuki knocked down though you can end the game pretty quick. A couple f+HK’s to super seals the deal pretty much. A well timed f+HK will beat her EX dp and once you start baiting her DP’s (swaying out of them, blocking etc.) she’ll be forced to low block and you can have your way with her.

She does have tricks though like her EX rdp+K which basically works as a fake DP. If you try to do something gutsy like parry down her DP she can effectively jump straight up and down on top of you throwing off your timing and then cancel into SA1 to stay safe afterwards. She can also immediately dash through you on wake up and stop a delayed attempt to combo into super. Just watch what she does on wake up and if she isn’t throwing EX dp’s your best option is just to block and watch for what she does. When you start getting accustomed to her more is when you can start throwing the meaties and swaying out of her wake up attempts.

Regarding RDP+K: couldn’t you option parry the first hit of her DP into EX Jet to stuff that?

Generally you want to stay on the ground and play defensively in this match, but sometimes you can throw an Ibuki player off by jumping in, or even jumping straight up with MP. The thing about her anti-air game is that it isn’t terribly safe, and can be a good way to bait her into a mistake, at least I’ve found.

You could but you have to see it coming. A good Ibuki player will usually end it to seal the round like once in a blue moon and if you don’t catch it…she can cancel into super after a knockdown with enough health and end the round. Granted…Dudley has options to get out of this but if you’re not looking out for it it can catch you off guard. Basically…the idea is that Ibuki has a lot of tricks even after getting knocked down that you have to watch out for. Most of them can be dealt with if you have a solid defensive game on her wake up. Let her wake up a couple times just to see if she’ll do something if you have to.