Who is the man in this match-up. Urien is still the best range/set-up master, while dudley’s rank gets higher and higher in Japan…4th place right under the TOP THREE…Y,K,&C.

Who is faster?
Who is stronger?
Who is controlling the pace?Who is reacting to the pace?
Who has better combos?
Who has the strategy?
Who will be doing the"RUSH","RUSHDOWN’’, “RUNNNING THAT SHIT”, or “RUSH IN” offense?


Can someone please post in this thread? I need to know what to do. My friend beats me everytime I play Dudley with Urien! What can Daddori do in this match-up?


-don’t jump so damned much (that’s a common problem, especially if you’re ansy at hitting people with j.roundhouse or j.fierce).

  • do super after a tackle, preferably, when they don’t have meter (so that they can’t do aegis right after and hit you with it).
  • use your jabs and shorts to get the fuck out of the corner. You’ve got to learn to make your mixups come out as natural as making your legs move to walk. You can get out of a lot of zoning problems with dudley, you’ve just gotta relax, take a breath and start to make would-be zoner’s plans backfire.
  • DON’T do too many wake up supers, if any, at all. Times I know to use them is to get around Aegis, mostly, that, and when i can see an attack from a mile away. Otherwise, don’t. You have more options than wake up super.
  • watch out for c.forward, that thing is killer. Either learn to parry it, BLOCK, or time just right so you can do j.roundhouse and set up a combo safely.

i don’t know what else to add at this point. Good luck

edit: yeah, i spotted the huge contradiction of “don’t jump!” and then “jump to get around c.forward.” Anyway, what i mean is, don’t make jumping predictable. Use it as sort of a “oh wow, he finally jumped,” but do it when you KNOW you can hit the urien player. otherwise, you’re asking for either EX headbutt or c.Fierce. peace