Dudley vs. Urien

What can Dudley do against a turtle Urien?

i’m guessing using lots of ducking to get in close, but what if the Urien player keeps using c. shorts and c. forwards to stop the ducking rush and does really early s. strongs to keep Dudley from jumping in?

i recently played against Urien who had a pretty tough defense to crack. He parries really well, and by that i mean that he parries the right thing at the right time, tech-throws like a !@#$, and knows Urien’s pokes inside-out (well, almost). i’ve tried to vary the times i press fierce or roundhouse when jumping in, but to no avail. And of course, when he has meter, he just keeps doing Chariot Rush xx Aegis.


i beat him with Makoto quite easily, but i want my Dudley to be so well rounded that i won’t have to resort to a “counter” character just to beat someone.


I find this is a tough fight for me as well. The way I play it is to stay grounded and throw out his pokes. If you do jump in, get ready to parry instead of throwing out a fierce or roundhouse – rarely is the jump-in in Dudley’s favour though.

If you stay grounded just watch for patterns in Urien’s poking game, mainly standing fierce, standing medium and low medium. If you parry either of the standing attacks you can st. roundhouse into whatever. If you parry the low medium or a low roundhouse, you can low strong into whatever, or if you were anticipating it early enough, do a duck XX super.

if you’re having trouble punishing pokes, maybe you should switch to SA2 (rolling thunder). With this super, you don’t need to jump as much and if he throws a fireball or after a blocked low roundhouse, you can super and he’ll eat that shit. plus it’s an easy link off standing roundhouse and you can cancel it off towards+fierce which makes your pokes that much more deadly.

I own Urien :smiley:

ehh, I’ll elaborate on that later

this sounds about right. Though the duck under, really, should only be used if he tosses out a metallic sphere out of desperation. Chances are the urien player will toss a few aegis reflectors right after though, best bet is to block and stick to s.Fierce and s.Roundhouse, mixing up with toward+forward and c.fierce, not necessarily for comboing, but just to hit the filthy bastard.

I’ve played a few turtling uriens before, and, honestly, i’d jump never really to start a combo but to keep the pressure. Sort of to condition a time for them to think i’ll do another jump in. And even if they don’t take the bait, you’ll have the advantage of them sticking to pokes or c.blocking. Chances are, this’d be a good time for the UOH, c.strong, or UOH, duck under for added opening opportunities. It doesn’t hurt to learn Dudley’s kara throw, either, considering you want every throw opportunity you muster to matter.

other than that, GO WITH STUPID DUDLEY TRICKS! :slight_smile: like, throw out a jab mgb so it gets blocked…THEN CORKSCREW BLOW! sucker them into making a stupid mistake, so they start turtling like there’s no tomorrow, and you can throw for free!

it’s kind of risky, but…

If anyone’s been to karathrow.com lately, I’m sure you’ve seen the RX vs Fujiwara vid. I know next to nothing about Urien, but I do know that he really gave Fuji a hurting (Though Fuji did get a perfect on him!). What I would like to know is what did Fuji do wrong exactly? Or was he just outclassed?

Yes I saw that match too
a Urien like RX’s that can charge partition and execute all the reflector setups is tough for anybody

i say fuck urien.

He didn’t necessarily do anything wrong, he was just put into a range just outside of s.roundhouse, which meant no comboing into ex mgb, or duck under to get close. RX seems to know what to anticipate after certain chains/mixups, so he knew the right time to parry, do c.fierce, activate aegis, and knew what pokes to use to throw off Fujiwara’s momentum. That one match where Fujiwara gets a perfect on RX illustrates this fact, because he was able to put himself an advantageous position (one where he could mix up without losing the momentum, and was safe from a lot of retaliatory attacks) and do the things needed to be done to win. That’s why he was throwing out all those jabs and shorts: to make sure that it would be hard for RX to see openings that he could use (if he had used EX headbutt, for example, fujiwara might have been able to see it coming, block, and do c.short, c.short xx super.

It was a really good match because it shows the shortcomings of both characters, as well as what makes them good. I kind of don’t like the matches where Fujiwara flat out beats the other guy, 'cause you don’t get many chances to see what your options are under certain circumstances (especially when playing against someone who knows their shit well), while on the flip end, you get to see how to lock down the characters that can give Dudley a huge problem.

um…yeah…sorry for writing so much. i hope that answers some of your question.

Double Reppuken,

Thanks, man. It doesn’t matter how much you write, I have an understanding of what happened during that match now, so hopefully, I’ll be able to do something about being put out of range whenever I come up against a Urien. Very informative. Much appreciated.

Damn, I missed that download, seems like streak is out of bandwidth now, I would have really like to have seen RX vs Fujiwara as I have troubles against a good ground based dudley sometimes…