Dudley vs Zangief

So guys what are your opinions about this match up? 55-45 zangief? 5-5?

I wonder what you guys think about it, usually when I play one i hold my ground with st.hp, f.mp, cr.mp, and every now and then st.mp. If you go for a cr.hk or cr.mk for a command grab set up i usually buffer short swing blow to counter it. If you jump i usually always win with St.hp, st.mk anti airs easily. if you Cr.hk me or cr.mk, I usually block and go for a st.hk “4frames” which throws you all the way back on your side of the corner which gives me a huge adv.

So Zangief what do you say about this?

Zangief says there is a matchup thread.


id say 6-4 gief favor. Gief wins on the ground.