ive been using dudley a lot recently and have really adapted to his way of fighting. im totally down for his bulldog gameplay. but there are a few things i have no clue about.

what the fuck is the deal with frames? can someone just give a nice detailed explanation on how frames work and how to tell how to tell when the advantage is yours or w/e.

and what are some other good ways to just string combos together? i’ve been practicing a couple of combos lately but i feel that they could be easily predicted by an experienced player. any advice on some mixups? let alone how to do a successful one?

  1. Youtube or Google Search “Frame counting tutorial Street Fighter”

  2. Try shit out in training mode / Look at Frame Data to see what’s possible and what’s not

  3. Stuff like this needs to go in the Q&A thread.

Dudley’s s.LP

Blocked HL (meaning middle can be blocked standing or crouching) (jump ins are H for only blocked high ect ect)
20 Damage (easy)
50 Stun (easy)

20 Meter Gain (on hit builds 20/250 bar. 1 bar = 250 Meter ) This scales with hits ect ect idk if you want an explanation on damage scaling

ch/sp/su Cancelable ( CH = Chainable cancels into itself ) (SP = Special cancelable ) (SU = Super Cancelable)

These frames depend how long the move takes to “start up”, how long the hitbox of the move stays “active” and how long the move takes to recover AFTER active frames. Add all frames up to get the total frames of a move

Start Up Frames 3
Active Frames 2
Recovery Frames 6

11 Frames total

meaty means hittings a move after it’s first active frame(s) as late as possible really. It gives the move more frame advantage on block/hit

+3 on Block
+6 on Hit

meaty sLP is +4 on block +7 on hit

Counter hits add +:
1 frame to lights
2 frames to medium
4 frames to heavys

If you know the start up of a move and the frame advantage of a move on hit/block you can make your own block strings and links.

idk if this helps lol


i just realized this shouldve been posted on QandA thread

thank you very much that made a lot of sense