Ok so I’m wonder how you go about taking on a parry happy dudley when you dont have Genei Jin, cause he has heaps of punishable moves with alot of range when you try and dive kick so can anyone give advice on how to overcome this?

I also have a general question of how to utilise dive kicks cause i usually keep eating air attacks or meaty ground attacks.

I find that anyone who’s “parry happy” tends to forget about teching throws. So… throw :tup: . Try to throw more than going in for attacks. Hopefully they’ll start to wise up and change their approach. Also, usually if someone is parrying you a lot it means you’re starting to become predictable. Try to change up what you’re doing so that the other person has a harder time guessing your next move. I say run away and build meter; this should make him come to you.

When you dive kick try not to connect it from far away. Doing this gives your opponent a lot of time to react -> parry -> counter. If you’re going to dive kick from afar, try whiffing it so that you land right in front of him and either go for a throw or a jab short strong chain. I usually change up my dive kick patterns when I’m on the offensive. I’ll hit with a dive kick and jump again and go for another one, or if it seems too risky just jump away. If I’m on the other side of the screen I’ll dive kick halfway inbetween him and then either go for a shoulder or see how he’ll react and maybe go for another dive kick to get in his face. You really have to keep an eye on what your opponent is doing and react accordingly. The only real advice I can give is to work on your run away game, build meter, and attack with genei jin. Don’t try to attack too much when you don’t have meter with Yun because you could end up eating a beefy combo from Dudley :arazz:

In general, dive kicks are a great tool for spacing, either to get in close or to get away, just don’t over use them or allow yourself to become predictable with patterns. Dive kicks can also combo into something if done correctly (usually if aimed around the knee area.)

Good luck :tup: