Dudley's (3S) Voice Over

Dudley rules.

What does he say when he does Rocket Uppercut? I hear “1…2…VA”, which I don’t understand. My friend says it’s V8 because Dudley is into cars, which does make a little sense. Any ideas?

I need to know because Dudley is sick and I want to shout along with him every time he lands Rocket Uppercut, but I’m like “1…2…V-ehhh” and it kills the energy. Please don’t lock this thread.

I always thought he said “1, 2, The End”. Not sure.

My friend pointed out to me that during Giga’s Breaker, Hugo says “1, 2, 3” in German. Pretty cool.

I’d say “One to the air”

im pretty sure he says “one,two, the end” because he has loads of target combo’s were he counts, you could say thats his ultimate target combo.

i think zangief also counts but in russian, play either mvs or sfex

It always sounded like “1, 2, the end!” to me. And yes, Hugo counts during Gigas Breaker, too. “Ein, Zwei, Drei, Ende!” = “1, 2, 3, End!” Funny, he says pretty much exactly the same thing as Dudley, only in another language.

Hope you’re happy Elias.


How about Hugo’s other super were he beats you up and finishe’s it with the slap?

it sound’s like “I’m a Mountain”;p

what does he really say?

He says Hammer Mountain. I believe Hugo’s SA3 is actually called Hammer Mountain in the Japaese Version, they changed it to Hammer Frenzy (I THINK).

that is correct. My friend translated it and it says hammer mountain not hammer frenzy.

What about the beginning of the round where Hugo does some kind of taunt and says… “Ezee-gayle” which translated to make fun of my friend “Is Yi Gay” :clap:

Yes I believe Dudley is 1, 2, The end. Hugo’s counting in German, that was pretty easy to guess the first time I heard it.

Lol 3S has alot of funny misheard quotes, Yun’s ‘snap a condom on’ and Twelve’s ‘cock face!’ are my favorites.

Oh yeah, what does Hugo say in one of his taunts, 'Come Onnn…eargh?"

It’s come on - what? Is it German? Or is it just a grawl? [sp?]

O____o what?

Wait, is the topic creator named Elias? …'Cause that’s my name and I’m really confused. :confused: :lol:

Yeah, he says “1, 2, the end!”, or that’s what I hear.

Is Urien’s super called Tyrant Punishment? Cause that’s what he says.

Wasn’t it called Tyrant Slaughter (or Genocide?)

It’s actually Tyrant Punish

(chin chin yama in japanese)

Also, when Necro does his magnetic storm, it sounds like "DINOSORE!!!"
Oh, and “OUT OF MY WAY!” always gets me lollerskating.

It’s Tyrant Slaughter.

You know, I’ve never seen that translated. Don’t forget his other intro…sounds like, “shut up!” or “shaw”.

Why name change it?

Cus international localization is goofy like that. Some games have it way worse.

Thanks guys. 1, 2, THE END! I like that.

You are done Chibi. DO NOT get hit by Rocket Uppercut! 30-0.

lol. Yeah, my name is Elias too. Weird.

One of Twelve’s intros is where he comes in on his whippy arm and goes “Faggot!” then coils his arm back up and starts the fight.