Dudley's (3S) Voice Over

Hahah, crazy, never seen someone else with my name. :smiley:

It’s just a growl, I’m pretty sure. I laughed pretty hard though, I never thought of Yun saying that, or Twelve saying cock face or faggot. :rofl:

When Alex is getting pummeled and groans “Jesus!” I always expect the J-Christ to just drop in and save the day. Jesus’ SA2, the one that stacks twice and is nothing but invincibility frames is ridiculous.

Forget us coming over again Elias, Sunday was a disater, you guys suck.


“What’s the time in Minnesota?”
:Ken - SFIII:3S (Entrance phrase)

“I’ve been in an elevator.”
:Yang - SFIII:3S (Taunt)

“And I shit my pants.”
:Yang - SFIII:3S (Winning phrase)

“(Yell) GAY-ASAIN!”

“Connell Sanders!”
:Chun Li/Yang - SFIII:3S (Taunt)

:Twelve - SFIII:3S (Entrance phrase)

“Baked ziti!”
:Hugo - SFIII:3S (Entrance phrase)

“This sucks…weiner… WEINIER!”
:Akuma - SFIII:3S (SAIII)

:Akuma - SFIII:3S (Chip KO)

:Akuma - SFIII:3S (Taunt)

:Ryu SFIII:3S (Ex-Hurricane Kick)

More to come…

doesn’t zangief have “arsehole” as one of his win phrases?

always used to hear “my legs are broken” for hurricane kick.

my favourite was captain america in marvel super heroes.

“freedom for snails”



I would ask that the court disregard all of the evidence presented by the defendants. He’s clearly saying “1, 2, soup or man is a sexy man.”

Zangief winpose is “harusho”, which is “good” in Russian.

Well what does Dud say BEFORE he does the first uppercut? The way I hear it, it’s like he’s saying: “Rocket!”

@Shoryuken0504: Here’s one more:
"I want nuggets yo!“
"I won buckets yo!”
:Sean- SFIII 3S (Entrance)

“Beautiful Cumber!”
:Urien- SFII 3S (Juptier Thunder)

lol, i was trying to remember which character i had heard say ‘slap the condom on’ and you reminded me it was yun. good shit.

It’s 1, 2, The end. (One kinda sounds like ‘rocket’ cause of his thick voice.)

For an easier time understanding the part where he say’s ‘the end’ check him out in NG/2I. He says the same thing during the startup of other supers in these games, but his old voice actor is easier to understand.

“Baked ziti!”
:Hugo - SFIII:3S (Entrance phrase)

lol I always understand “Besiegen” which means “to beat (smbd.)” in german

Yeah, you’re right, I can attest to this.

XD, now THAT’s priceless!

So I sayz to Akuma…I sez…

“Yo Akuma, whats ya favorite ball team?”

Ya know whadd’e sez to me? Eh?


so what does dudley say in his SAII

During the flash, he says “the end”. Then “body, body…body, uppercut”.

What does Gill say as he’s doing Seraphim Wing?

“Let me be the messenger of your…”

I don’t get the last part.

“Let me be the blesser of all souls”.

And I think Dudley’s SA2 might be “Rolling, rolling, rolling, (etc.), Uppercut!”, because the SA is called “Rolling Thunder”.

Indeed. I took a bit of a Russian class when I was overseas a few months ago. :tup:

Interesting language, it is.

Seraphim Wing is the full-screen super? I think he says “Let me be of some assistance”.

And if you listen to Dudley’s SA2 at the end of the round when everything quiets down, it clearly sounds like (well, to me anyway) “Body…Body, Uppercut”.