Dudley's EX MGB corner juggles

This isn’t a big deal for winning matches, but in terms of having fun mastering something, I’m SO ANNOYED that I can’t consistently do mgb corner juggles on certain characters. The most jab MGBs I can get after cr. rh or EX MGB is 3 jabs, followed with whatever ender. If I couldn’t really do this in the first place, I wouldn’t care. VictoLy usually goes for only 2 jab MGBs: either cos it’s easier to do consistently or cos the damage scaling makes 3 or 4 jab MGBs not worth it.
Is this a psychological problem I’m having?
I also find 3 jabs harder to do after the EX MGB than after the cr. rh even though a friend pointed out that it raises the juggled body higher into the air.
Is it just timing or also positioning? Do you have to let the opponent’s body get to a certain height in the air in order to connect with more than 3 jab MGBs, or should you just focus on when to start the 1st jab after the ending animation of the EX MGB? Do you just need PERFECT, responsive controls to do this perfectly?
I currently find HUGO the easiest to juggle with multiple jab MGBs. I know that Hugo, shotos, Urien, Yang/Yun and 12 can only be juggled with the max 4 jab MGBs, and other characters have the easier cr. rh juggles in the corner. I NEVER got more than 2 jab MGBs off of Akuma or Urien, though, yet I hear they get juggled the same way.
PLEASE help! This is driving me NUTS :looney:

Don’t bother using anything past 3 unless you’re uber confident and cocky. It’s much easier to just use the 1 or 2 jab MGBs…it’s pretty impractical to do more than 2 actually…because it reduces the damage done on the enders. It’s all in the Complete Dudley Thread as to what you should be doing!

AH, thanks for your reply. I read the main thread a long time ago and perhaps there’s more info. So 3 jabs into ender does less damage than 2 jabs? That kinda blows lol. I usually go for 2 or 3. When I’m playing someone, I usually goes for what’s most reliable, so I don’t try for 3. It’s really fun but not worth it, and I hardly ever get to use the corner juggle, anyway.

I had a question about EX MGB in general. For some reason I can’t get it to consistently combo off of round house. I’m hoping that someone else has had this problem and discovered some miracle cure beacuse it frustrates me ever so much. The EX MGB always comes out, but maybe sometimes I get it too late and it comes out after the recovery of roundhouse? I don’t know. Hopefully someone knows the answer. By the way, this is on PS2 if that makes a difference.

Pretty much have to cancel into EX MGB right away. It you cancel it late it wont connect.

At least this is what i thought you were talking about.

I know your problem, buddy. You’re most likely doing this in training mode on a dummy with 0 health. For some reason, training dummies with 0 health don’t really act properly…they recover from some moves too fast, fail at blocking/quickrolling when you tell them…that kinda stuff.

Wait until their health goes back up to try the combo out.

Are you serious? That’s the stupiest thing I’ve ever heard. But that also explains why I get the combo more often against my friend than against the training dummy. Thanks a lot.

Ohh yeah, thats training mode bug haha.

I just tried it out and the problem was the training mode bug. Thanks a lot. Maybe I’ll start playing Dudley again.