Dudley's ex MGB went over/through ryu's crouching short

I’ve tried to replicate this dozens of times and couldnt do it again. If someone could explain how this is done, that would be awesome. I’ve varied the distance, timing, and p1/p2 sides and i’ve been unsuccessful.

I found a sound glitch once by Chun-Li’s fierce trading hits with one of Yang’s slashes but could never replicate that either.

Once a Hugo player dashed over my c.mk and 720’d me.

Once, I hit f+MP just before I did Ryu’s neutral throw and he like threw from an insane range. :wow:

I’ve run into this glitch before. I call it… a kaka-throw.

DUDE this one time, yun activated this thing that made him blue, and he got over a 10 hit combo!!! in third strike!!! DUUUUUDE! :rolleyes:

blue genei jin would be dope someone figure out how to do that

that’s not a glitch. you can grab limbs in 3s at certain frames

edit: i didnt even read your post properly.

He had to dash? :frowning:

I did urien tackle at the start of around, and chun dashed, and we went through each other.

I heard that RX came out with a new video.

Hugo’s dash goes over lows at a certain point. Hayao was purposely exploiting this every now and then in Cannes

That’s actually a glitch. Chun li is cheap.

anyway, there is a frame in chun li’s dash that causes her to shadowcat herself through shit.

Does anyone know how to perform that Necro/Dudley glitch where Necro starts floating across the screen?

Does Yun’s dash have the same properties? Because on more than one occasion I’ve had a Yun dash thru my st. fierce.

if you make necro do the front-to-back suplex on dudley, it fucks shit up. Makes him “in the air”.

You mean literally “through” it as in he lands on the other side? what character were you? P1? P2?

…this thread has so wandered away from my original post.

More wandering…

Twice with Urien I’ve done EX Sphere and Ryu crouched under both hits. Couldn’t ever purposely set this up again either.

^^ I think that’s the weird shoto crouch breathing animations. it’s the same deal trying to hit them with Necro mp. Sometimes you can stand there and it’ll whiff 5 or 6 times, and then it’ll hit suddenly.

what else can chun dash through??? FBs?

yeah twice, dudley’s ex mgb went through my makoto, i think my makoto was dashing both times.