Dudley's ex MGB went over/through ryu's crouching short

urien’s tackle can go through makoto’s wake-up ( while just still getting up ) …watch Powerstrike .

im pretty sure dudleys machine gun blows have some weird lower body properties. ive learned this from just playing the computer. it mightve been a combination of that and something else. because mgbs tend to have some type of “off the ground” properties as in they go over low moves.

Yeah, he went thru me to the other side, with out bein touched.

I was on P1 side with Chun, I forgot to mention that, my bad.

I’ve tried to re-create it, but no success.

something weird i saw the other day.

ken and oro both dash towards eachother and try to throw. After the tech they end up on different sides of eachother. I think it has something to do with oro, maybe c-royd can shed some light on this.

You can parry the first hit of an EX Hadoken and super through the second hit.

[quote=C Royd]
if you make necro do the front-to-back suplex on dudley, it fucks shit up. Makes him “in the air”.

actually thats only the first part, after that necro has to jump and air parry something, then he gets stuck floating for awhile and can do air moves, and then the game usually crashes, and the manager kicks me out of tilt.

umm…and it all goes back to necro doing the suplex on dudley, no?

I’ve had seen alot of crouching FK’s cause stuff to fly over characters, the hitbox must drop a bit.

One of oros throws switches sides if it’s teched. Not really anything crazy about it, but I can’t think of which throw it is right now. I think it’s when you are neutral, but I’m really not sure.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s Oro’s neutral throw. Cuz Oro gets into the animation where he jumps on the opponent’s back before the throw is teched. So technically the opponent would have to switch sides before the throw can be teched.

Yeah, Chun-Li’s well fucked up, I just EX Hayate’d straight through the bitch.