Dudley's F+HP Linked into Ultra 2 (Corkscrew Cross)

Dudley’s F+HP into Ultra 2

hey guys, I dont know if this combo has been posted up already, so I'm just gonna leave it out here and you guys can tell me.

Anyways, apparently F+HP has a LOT of active hit Frames, and you can do meaty setups pretty easily with it. Also, if you can manage to hit with the Tip of the F+HP, you can Link St.HK or even Ultra 2.

I recorded this and posted it up on youtube, plus a few combos with Cr.HP for 100% stun on seth and Akuma.

**F+HP into Ultra**

*the first attempts I missed the link, but also left it so people could see it was on Auto-Block. Corkscrew Cross does 7 hits. if you combo it with the F+HP, it counts up to 8, its a bit blurry, but you can see it says 8 hits. The other two setups which were with no Block, because if I put Auto-Block, it'll block the F+HP automatically, but it too says 8 hits. if anything, you guys can try it, because it does Combo.*


here are a few combos that stun Akuma and Seth, these might have been seen already, but either way, I'll leave them posted up in here anyways.

**Dudley Combos**

These combos were done by Rasalas TLK and Myself checking out some stuff with dudley.

let me know what you guys think.


Very interesting info didnt know you could combo u2 from fwd fierce, thanks for sharing!

It all started because I was fooling around with the F+HP. I thought that if it linked to S.HP then it had to link to another fast move, like S.HK. I tried it and worked. Basically someone told us a lie about a combo and then I started fooling around.

That’s pretty nasty because it has some really good uses.

damn hard to do, but the bit easier meaty could be kinda priceless with s.hk

thanks for sharing I’ll add this 2 my book of tricks :slight_smile:

yes, meaty f+hp, s.lp, s.hk xx whatever is real nice. confirmable and damaging.

Non-Meaty F. HP into U2 is quite difficult.

Yes, it’s REALLY hard to link. Its best not to try and do it unless you want to be flashy and are sure that you can land it.

Good stuff.

Meaty + Counterhit f+HP must give some insane amount of hitstun.