Dudley's infinite

if you want to know Dueley’s infinite read this first you have to be against ken, ryu, or chun-li

i use it all the time.

hey fag go back to ur mvc3 threads. thanks for the infinite though, it pwns.

WTF you loser.

Wait Dudley has no infinite in 3S…

There are no infinites in 3S. period.

Ibuki has an infinite against Gill.

^^^ Ok, one, and there might be more but my point was that he made this thread because he wants the attention of dumbasses who’ll say “OMG WHAT IS IT?!? I’LL BLOW YOU IF YOU TELL ME WTF IT IS!!!111”. He tried the same thing with his mvc3 thread.

If by an infinite you mean a 100% combo, then he has one against akuma but may have more against other people. just use a combination of mgb and exs to get him dizzy, then finish it for a KO. sorry no specifics but i did see it once so know that it is possible.

He thinks you can do Crouching Roundhouse forever.

Dude you can only Cr. RH 6 times against the peolpe you say…ans KEN DOESNT COUNT either…theres no infinite in 3s with Dudley that we know of yet…that one you speak is a semi…it ends after 6.

To do Dudleys infinite you got to jump cancel off of c.hk then do a j.hp then air dash down to catch them and restart the combo.

Don’t forget you have to whiff the 896+hard slash in mid-airdash in order to land quicker.

man im a dudley player and none of you know what the hell your talkin about… to do dudleys infinite you do c.rh x2 ex uppercut xx sa2 and on the last hit you call out magneto and have him buttrape you till you come to your scences

Joke thread of the year! :party:


only pink Dudley can perform the infinite.



Pink Dudley is broken

Pink Dudley is cheap