Dudley's juggle combos

Since there are no combo threads, I will start one with some questions:

  1. It seems to me that only certain characters can be juggled with the c. roundhouse at the corner. For example with opponent in corner:

roundhouse xx Ex. mgb, jab mgb, c. roundhouse, jab mgb, forward ducking upper.

works very well on Chun-li and Makoto, but I cannot c. roundhouse juggle Yun nor Ken. Is this true or am I just not doing the timing right? And if this is true, does anyone have the complete list of which characters this combo works on?

  1. What is the best general juggle after Ex. mgb without using another Ex. or superart? Give me one for corner and non-corner. I do:

Ex. mgb, jab mgb, forward ducking upper (non-corner)
Ex. mgb, jab mgb, short swing back blow (corner)

Both of which can be canceled into SAI/SAIII at the end. And for characters that can be juggled with c. roundhouse, I do the one above. One thing I found out recently: its very easy to do the jab mgb a little late so you would miss the dunking upper/swing back blow afterwards. You can actually tell that you hit you opponent too low in the air with the jab mgb. In this case, you can do toward + fierce and it will still hit your opponent as the last hit of the juggle. The damage is a little bit less (I think,) but it is so much easier.

Low roundhouse juggle works with : all the chicks, Q, Oro, Alex, Necro, Remy, Dudley.
Depending on my meter or where I am at on the screen, I often just do and ducking into super if i connect with the standing roundhouse. Take the sure damage.
In the corner, mix it up, I have seen low rh x5, some kinda of reset either toward mk or toward rh, and then for for low roundhouse again, or if they block low, toward rh and link with super.

In corner

s.Rh>Ex.mgb> jab mgb> f.mk> uppercut

not sure if it does more damage than the ones you listed
but it does good damage/stun
plus it looks better :slight_smile:

fun combos (corner)
c.Roundhouse, j.forward, jet uppercut xx SA1/SA3.
c.Roundhouse, jab mgb, walk a little bit forward, ex jet uppercut
EX mgb (or c.RH), f + fierce xx SA1/SA3

out of corner combos:
c.Roundhouse, jab mgb, short dash under xx SA1/SA3
c.Roundhouse, j.jab, jet uppercut xx sa1/sa3

sometimes, with SA1 (rocket uppercut), it will happen that there are “premature hits” which means, the super will have a “spit out” effect. if the last couple of hits of the last part of the super still hit though, you can continue a juggle. so for example this can happen (with enough meter, that is)

c. Roundhouse, jab mgb, short dash uppercut xx SA1 (don’t finish the dash uppercut)

at this point, you could have done the super early, and opponent gets knocked around a bit, so he’ll get spit out of the last hits of the super (so he won’t take much damage). At this point, you can do the following:

1)walk a bit, jet uppercut xx SA1
2)jab mgb, short dash uppercut xx SA1
3)j.forward, land, jet uppercut xx SA1

if you don’t have enough meter for the super:
1)walk a bit, jet uppercut
2)jab mgb, short dash uppercut
3)j.forward, land, jet uppercut.

Practical combos:

-j. fierce, s. rh, ex mgb, jab mgb, strong mgb
-j. fierce, s. rh, ex mgb, jab mgb, forward duck xx SAI/III

Corner Combos:

-j. fierce, s. rh, ex mgb, ex mgb, jab mgb, >+strong reset, early SAI, fierce JetUppercut
-j. fierce, s. rh, ex mgb, jab mgb, jab mgb, >+strong reset, early SAI, ex JetUppercut, fierce Uppercut

But if u wanna talk damage, the ex mgb does most of it. The after stuff is usually really weak because of damage scaling.

If you really wanna do damage, do stuff off his >+rh or UOH because the damage will be 25% more. Watch the SRK 3S Links Video and note the damage Dudley does to Akuma off the >+rh link…it literally makes you cringe.

Does the strong reset after the 2 jab mgb not work on dreamcast version? I can never seem to hit it…or is my timing or whatever just off?

yeah that was typo…only 1.
but if i had my dc back, i’d like to do some testing…i know for a FACT that u can do 2 mgb (last hit only) on Hugo, but i’m not positive what u can do after. i imagine, u could do SAI immediately (w/o the reset) then do reverse ex/fierce JetUppercut (because he falls behind you).

Some new juggles I learned with Dudley in the corner:

j. HP-s. HKxxEX MGB-cr.HK x3-jab MGB-MK Ducking UpperxxSA I or III

cr.HK- walk in EX Jet Upper- t.MKxxHP Jet Upperxx SA I or III


You can also perform 2 jab MGBs on Twelve and the Shotos after an EX MGB. But i think it’s just for show :D.

When not in/near the corner, isn’t it more effective to just EX Jet Uppercut after a connecting a s.rh, rather than EX MGB, mk duck uppercut?

I’ve been doing the juggle a LOT for a while, but I noticed s.rh xx EX Jet Uppercut stuns alot more…


Yeah, EX Jet Uppercut does stun a heckuva lot more, but the EX MGB juggles are for more damage and reset opportunities (although HK -> EX MGB -> juggle does respectable stun in itself).

However, if you’re just gonna do EX Jet Uppercut after landing a HK, just forget the EX. You might as well just do HP Jet Uppercut as the damage is roughly the same as well as the stun inflicted. This way, you save your meter.

As was said earlier, the EX MGB juggles give you more damage with a chance to get some of your meter back due to the hits coming after the EX MGB, and you also have an opportunity to reset them and set the stage for mindgames (which, at this point, is heavily in Dudley’s favor).

Personally, the only time i would use EX Jet Uppercut is as a wake up move or during this combo in the corner:

low HK -> LP MGB -> EX Jet Uppercut -> HP Jet Uppercut

The above combo could result after an EX MGB reset or right after your opponent gets up.


how the hell do you do the c.rh, jab mgb, jab mgb (non corner) to connect? i’ve seen it done a million times, yet its pretty much the only juggle i can’t do. do you have to walk a little forward? or do you time it a bit late or what


To do 2 LP MGBs after a crouching HK (or whatever else launches), just do the MGBs really, really early.

TCF vids are good

but what’s the address for the ftp? i wanna see those .44 magnum vids.

yet this news reaches me when i’m away from my native DSL connection sniff sniff Can’t wait to get back to the apps and check 'em out. Where is .44 magnum from (as in, where do they play?)

ironfist: the first jab mgb has to come at the frame where dudley’s two fists hit the highest point of the c.rh. the second jab mgb comes immediately after the hit of the first jab mgb, so it’s best to do the motion while the first mgb is being done, and press jab when the last hit…hits. One day, people ought to make a video that has a side by side screen, where the left side is the player pushing the buttons and performing the motions, and the right side is what the execution looks like on screen. Or at least a P-I-P screen for it. Then maybe it’d be easier to understand the timing. I dunno, just a stupid thought.:cool:

edit: i like how most of the regular contributors to the dudley strats section (e.g., kal el and aneurysmx, and me-self) have dudley avs. sorry, i think i’m high now or something. :lol:


Yeah, having a P.I.P. would be really helpful. i was thinking of something like that when i first saw Mopreme’s SGS tricks vid for Akuma. Like, he’d dash then immediately pull the move off. i never really understood how he could do it so fast. Stuff like that could also be helpful if you wanna learn charge partitioning. But since Dudley has none of the above, it’s all good :lol:.

On a Dudley combo vid i saw quite sometime ago (done by Three-11), the first thing he did was low HK -> LP MGB -> LP MGB -> Corkscrew Blow. It did really, really crappy damage (as far as the super is concerned) but i thought it looked cool. Today, i tried out low HK -> LP MGB -> LP MGB -> MK Ducking Uppercut xx Corkscrew Blow. Does better damage, and looks even cooler :D.

On another juggle note, i saw the Japanese do this combo mid-screen:

low HK -> LP MGB -> towards + MK -> HP Jet Uppercut

i could do that easy in the corner, but i’ve never landed it mid-screen. i’m guessing all that needs is a little walk forward, right?

Who was it on?

Ya i have seen those combos and have the videos too, another combo worth mention is the one that only works on Hugo in the corner : Ex swingblow, strong uppercut, RocketUppercut.

And u saw that Japanese combo in the 1st cooperation cup right? It was against Ken, the timing on that is a bit tricky… I prefer just do jab mgb then ducking upper… I think its easier, maybe the other one does a bit more stun I am not sure.

Corner Combo:

Combo works best on the girls and Alex, 12 etc…

cr. HK>Jab MGB>cr. HK>Jab MGB>cr. HK>MK Ducking Uppercut

you could always use the

s.roundhouse > ex mgb > towards+mk > dp

corner (almost everyone?)
midscreen (err…most ppl…)

but you might as well use the ducking upper instead of the ‘towards+mk x dp’

then again, i dont have a dc to test this shit out and see which is better… i just go for the ducking if its midscreen… the dp combo if its corner…