Dudley's Matchups

In this thread post specific characters and dudleys weakness and strenghts against them…

Although dudley can juggle chun li well with c. roundhouse
Chun-li still stuffs almost all of dudleys moves. What gets thru her back and fierce and what has better priority over her arial attacks.

Also what are elenas weaknes’s? Against dudley(other than c. Roundhouse)?

Dudley vs. Chun-li…

Yesterday i was playing 3s with my brother. He plays chun-li… all he did was back and fierce and c. strong. What are some good techiniques to do with dudley against chunli?

Dudley vs. Chun-li…

According to Onny I don’t know shit about Dudley so I figure I’ll let him explain these things. No reason for me to post when ppl like Onny claim to understand more. I wouldn’t want to steer anyone the wrong way.

I’m waiting for the knowledge dropping myself. Seeing as how I was told my knowledge was pathetic, I am certainly waiting to hear non-pathetic knowledge.

Somehow, I kinda think Onny is just a hating scrub so, after I notice that he isn’t offering any decent help I’ll kickdown with my pathetic help:D


Re: Dudley vs. Chun-li…

:lol: Apoc, your shit and anybody’s shit is most welcomed. It’s up to whoever reads to test it out on their own and get better, not just to read and complain about how wrong the poster is.

That said…

if you can get in close on chun-li and they’re still doing back+fierce, if timed correctly, you can hit the back+fierce with a standing roundhouse in its last frames (basically right after she yells “ey!”), of course, it’s too far for EX mgb to combo (i think), but you can do s.roundhouse, duck under (minus the hit) xx SA1/SA3.

Learn to parry/redparry the last hit of her Houyoku-sen (SA2), just in case you can block one (though most chuns i’ve played prefer to combo in order to make sure they don’t whiff), and hit him with the s.rh, ex mgb, jab mgb, short duck under (with second part) xx super. Or just leave out super, but, the point is to start backing 'em up against the wall.

If chun jumps, chances are they’re going to try and a) out prioritize your moves or b) parry them. If they go with a, you can try an SBB to try and trade, or you can try to parry into something. Both are risky, so i prefer to block and try to parry the next move (which is usually c.forward), and go into s.rh…blah blah. If the case is b, then, do s.strong, forward duck under super, or EX uppercut.

…that, and pray. (if you’re an atheist, you’re fucked. I’m sorry.)

aight thanks

Well, i’ve got a lot of shit to ask this time around, so, bare with the newbie-ism i just recently got in touch with.

First off, what do you do in instances against Ken with SA3, has meter, and c.forward, and is keeping his distance to lure into traps? How would you get in close with that situation with someone that’s looking for dudley to do either duck under, dash, jump, or parry/block?

versus chun li, aside from parrying and praying like mad, what can Dudley do? I’ve played a wide range of chuns, and they almost always revert to poke strings and set ups for sa2. I know I said in the past to go with parrying, but things have changed a lot since then.

versus a very aggressive alex who uses strongs, jabs and fierce punches to get in close, and to throw off your parry timing, what else can be done aside from trying to land an s.rh, or j.rh into EX mgb? What are some tactics that aren’t risky and still put you in a position that gives Dudley freedom from EX chops and shoulder dash?

Well that’s it for now, i suppose. Hope to see you Canada Dudley people play at EVO!

From my personal experience from playing Dudley and the information I have gathered
here is what I think how Dudley matches up against other characters in the game.

Advantage for Dudley : Hugo, Remy, Necro, Yun, Twelve, Q, Sean

Even or close to even : Ryu, Urien, Alex, Akuma, Elena, Makoto

Disvantage for Dudley : Yang, Oro, Ken, Ibuki, CHUN LI

The ones that I am not too sure about are Akuma, Elena, Makoto… playing styles make a big difference in the outcome as well.

Feel free to discuss

i was wondering if you could elaborate on how Dudley beats Remy, and what it would take to get around Elena. I don’t really have any other Dudley players to change info with around here, so this is really the only place i can go for help; sucks that you can’t see the styles of players I play against so you’d be able to see what i’m doing wrong.

thanks again.

antoine, don’t forgot my akuma rapings at NEC :smiley: akuma > dudley. :cool:


Hah. Cool avatar!

On the subject of Dudley having an advantage over Remy, i would like to say yeah, but in footage from Japanese tourneys (coop1 and shirube -> i haven’t seen coop2), Remy basically controlled the match. i know Ryo Chin is an uber Remy, but hey, the Dudleys that played are also supposed to be at his level, right? From what i saw, Dud could barely even close in on Remy, and when Dud is kept at more than sweep range, i figure he’s rendered ineffective.

Another thing i’m wondering is how Dud is supposed to be a Yun killer. How do you even chase the runt down?

i agree with Yang, Ken and Chun (and the others on that disadvantage list) giving Dud problems. Any character with a good ground game will give Dud some difficulty as Dud can’t protect his feet if his life depended on it :lol:.

Urien i don’t fear when using Dudley. Same goes for Makoto. Ryu and Alex i have a harder time dealing with.

looks like everyones dudley is a little different… i have a hard time vs yang and ken… mirror match is gay too. :o

Yes, he is. I play against two guys that became Ryo Chin fanatics because they saw the same vid, and, at that time, they had trouble hitting my dudley. Now it’s the other way around. :frowning:

ain’t that the truth =\ I recently played against Paulee and Hungbee, both of whom discovered that I really had no answer to their sweeps, c.forwards, other than to block and do SA3, or, parry and try to hit them with s.rh. They noticed that it wasn’t just limited to the c.forwards, so they created mix ups just to hit dudley low - _ -

so…ideas, advice or anything for that situation?

your fierce, twd + forward to outrange.
hcb + kick for anti-poke reaction.

I usually find myself having more success against more agressive players, players that would jump in, attack, try to parry your moves…etc, because in terms of strength and ability to combo Dudley is one of the best in the game. He’ll match anyone hit for hit no problem.
But against staying back types, turtlers, keep away, footsie poking types, it really depends. First of all anyone whos smart and knows 3s would be staying away from a Dudley, I would too… so against characters like Remy who u know are gonna be at the other end of the screen most of the time, the key is really being patient. Use the few good pokes Dudley has, fierce, toward strong, toward forward, low strong, to trying to get close, then when they are suspecting a poke, use ducking and go from there, sooner or later u can get in. Think about it, Remy takes damage like a bitch, all u have to do is land one big combo on him and he would have to hit u so many times to do the same damage, I am not saying this strategy works all the time but I used to have a lot of trouble with this Remy player (prolly the best Remy in TO) becuase i was too aggressive, jumping in and getting hit by that stupid jumping fierce remy has and then eat a flashkick after, really annoying. But now I stay back a bit more, look for patterns and work my way in and I am able to beat him now consistenly…

I actually have more problems with Ibuki, I really havent played too many Elenas so I cant comment, one thing is for sure tho, Dudley’s big combo starter is the standing roundhouse, into either ex mgb or ducking super, and most of the characters that Dudley has trouble with are the ones that wont get hit by the ex mgb while crouching, or ppl with low long pokes so that even if i low parry I cant reach them with standing roundhouse.

Anyways, Yun is easier than Yang because Yun has to come in, take a bit more chances. Yang can just slash slash ex slash slash slash all day and be very safe.

man i don’t mind if you give advice, just don’t go round saying you’re the best dud in the world and how the top japanese players are shit.


/me agrees with onny

especially since your tourney performance has been anything but top notch. :o