Dudley's more useful target combos and normals?


Hey, all! I’m a Dudley player, and have been trying to figure out which target combos are most useful, as well as normals.

I like the forward fierce, but it begs to be parried sometimes. I also see good Dudley players using heavy kick, because it combos into ex machine gun blow.

Crouching roundhouse is a combo starter, forward roundhouse is a nice overhead, but it doesn’t combo after it hits (does it?).

Anyway, forward mp seems to be nice because it moves Dudley forward a little, and I think it’s part of a target combo?

And when I’m up close, is it a good idea to try my cr. lks to hit confirm for a super (I mainly use SA1, sometimes SA3).

Thank you for any advice and tips!

OH, one last question.

Characters with solid low pokes, like Ken’s cr. mk, or Chun Li’s cr. mk seem to put Dudley at a disadvantage when it comes to footsies, because his crouching moves don’t seem to be that great outside of his sweep. Any advice for how to deal with these cr. pokes?


Old thread but it breaks down every normal Dudley has as well as detailed list of combos.


Ah! Thank you! Sorry about making a duplicate thread, then!


Characters got their own forums here so you should head into the Dudley sub-forum and look for information. A lot of your questions are answered in the stickies there as these are all very simple questions.

Basically, Dud’s heavy kick has great hit box and stuffs/trades a lot which you can cancel into the ex mgb or jet upper if you confirmed it from a jump or whatever (lots of stun!). If anyone parries your s.fierce you actually have the ability to cancel it into super which is great to keep them afraid of punishing you if you have the meter (obviously a lot better with SA3 in the footsie game).

Forward MP isn’t that great, however his normal s.MP is awesome! Use it a lot! It can be canceled into the ducking then super for some great damage or just the ducking for some pressure. The speed and recovery of this normal is awesome. And uh, I don’t think forward MP is a starter for any target combo, at least nothing useful. The target combos you should try to think about in game is the c.lk, c.mp, s.fp or s.rh, s.rh. He has many more, and many are useful in certain situations (like c.lk, s.mk) but as a new Dudley player you should at least try to get these two target combos into your game.

Both his overheads (the universal and standing roundhouse) are great to confirm into super. However, the standing roundhouse overhead can only be linked into super if your opponent is crouching! This coupled with Dudley’s great c.lk, standing forward MK and crouching roundhouse basically makes him a beast when his opponents are in the corner. c.lk, c.lk xx super is something you just have to learn to confirm, and so is his roundhouse overhead link.

Dudley has a lot of character specific combos or juggles rather which you might want to look into as well, but before this you should defiantly learn his super confirms.

As footsies you should as I stated earlier try to get used to s.MP. It’s great against shotos but no so great as Chun, but you will learn what normals you should use against which character with experience. Against Chun you basically have to take some risks and jump a lot to close the gap. Dudley is actually quite good against Chun but only in her face.

But yea, head into the Dudley forum (although not that populated) and read through the interesting threads you find there. Lots of great information. I don’t even play Dudley so someone else might have some better suggestions for you.

Good luck! Keep it classy!

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as far as ken goes, if he’s being really obvious and just throwing out cr. mk fishing for a super you can use ducking xx super to punish, can do the same thing on a whiffed sweep depending how far he is from you


c.lk > c.mp > c.hp

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