Dudley's v.2012 balance changes. (BETA)

edit- 9/21/11 AE ver.2012 BETA changes


**Fix hitboxes, hurtboxes and the exaggerated reelback of the entire cast! **This would be the greatest buff to Dudley imo.

Less pushback on crLK jHK and njHK

Normal hitstun on his heavy jumpins instead of whatever this reduced crap is

Give dudley a better hitbox on f.MK like Cody’s f.MP. Fast statrtup would be great too but thats not necesary = gdlk fucking frme traps altogether. Give him jab jab sweep like FEI. Fei was already GOOD in super and got an additional set of frame buffs to get a knockdown n jab sweep. Ken, too but he deserved it. Give Dudley more knockdowns = High Mid. or just increase startup on cr.MK and less recovery plz. IT’s really not that good. fml.

Decrease startup on crMK I hope you meant lol

I would love a few +1 added to a few moves at least on block.

I want to see you never link that piece of shit website here ever again

If it was actually was for good changes, Mr.X got them perfectly.I’d also like cr.hk range buff (aka when his arms pass through their feet to actually hit them),making Thunderbolt somewhat not uselees ( doubt anything like that can be done though), and maybe, MAYBE make his Rose also not useless ar atleast do 10 damage??
Screw those changes, actually,just fix hs T-rex arms.Let me combo after a J.hk please.

oh yeah, and yes +1 on a few moves LIKE FUCKING FEI LONG DAMMIT. Anyway…

i’ll change the link when SRK finally covers the news. till then, kindly remove my nuts from your mouth. chump.


And it’s free


And people still fall out of Thunderbolt after a few hits. As someone who loses rounds trying to finish a match with EX TB, I would like this fixed.

i’ll update first post with those tweets. also HELL YEA! OMG i’m just lucky i never use TB without having meter to back it up. they need to fix that for real.

yes this happened to me a lot. so dumb and it just needs to me fixed… i dont like how it’s a charge move, anyway. it’s so stupid and doesnt fit in dudley;s arsenal at all.

Gotta bitch like all hell if when want them changes made.Knda like scrubs kept complaining about sentinel and he got his hp halfed, and how the twns are gonna be nerfed eve though Fei is the best character in the game, and even viper is better than them.


  1. Fei Long
  2. Viper
  3. Yang
  4. Yun
  5. Dan

If they want EX TB to be used outside of trolling, they’d speed it up a bit. It works vs some projectiles like Yoga Flame but it isn’t really reacting like you do with duck. I’m not saying make it ducking speed but like 3 frames faster would be helpful.

They can’t make regular TB useful but I’d like if the only thing different about each strength was the distance. Right now, each version is different damage and hits and distance.

I want a useful rose toss again like in 3rd strike, and his “Gutter Trash” victory pose from 3rd Strike as well lol. Everything else Ive learned to live with.

Getting meaty rose back would be a pretty big buff. You wouldn’t have to meaty low or high anymore, they have to reversal after the rose hit to stop Dudley’s mixup.

Better frame advantage. Nearly everything Dudley does is neutral or negative on block.

Only thing I want: s.HK xx EX Duck on block is +1

The only thing Dudley should have is Armor breaking Short Swing Blow.
Everything else he has is all apart of his game.
Him having -1 0, +1 moves on block is perfect.

You guys just dont understand yet

Its funny you say that, like looking at all his specials that’s the one you would intuitively think would be the armor breaker. Not ducking straight, at least that’s how I felt when I first played super.