DUEL to the DEATH RPG Tournament


Hey fellows welcome to what I hope ends up being a fun and memorable event, my very own fantasy rpg gladiator combat tournament.

The rules are simple. Create the baddest character you can with the tools allotted. Then battle your way versus other players until one reigns supreme against all. It is still a work in progress and I implore anyone with experience with either Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder to help out as much as possible, whether it be refereeing or just helping with adjusting rules/keeping track of things. This game was VERY much inspired by a similar game on the Myth-weavers forum which I suggest you all join in order to make not only your character sheets, but also because the possibility of migrating the actual play to that forum given it’s integrated dice rolling mechanics.


So with out further ado I will post some of the initial rules and available sources for info.


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wow I cannot express how disappointed I am after clicking and realizing this is just fantasy.
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If you want to play a transgendered psionic user that is possible if that is your preference. However you want to roleplay is up to you. But what matters most is, can you win?

Welp the plan is to get it popular enough that we can start making pots with winner take all stakes.

Just wanted something fun we could play for a while since we don’t do the old cool games anymore. Also wanted to give you guys something that takes actual skill to play.

[details=Spoiler]FF7 is best rpg ever

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Aw, man. Do we NEED maps?

What ever happened to imagination?

Maps don’t lie…you know we srk types is ruthless.

LOL Only reason I ask is because I’m 99% sure I’ma have to make them.

That’s no problem though. Check messages in a bit.

I wish I didn’t have ADHD so I could read all that.

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Not gonna lie it is complicated. But I reduced it in comparison to the original game by a LOT.

So what we playing this on and is there racial multi class restrictions?

Damn, @Crucades it’s always about race, ain’t it?

FU nigga I wanna know if I can multi class a human fighter/mage or am not doing shit :triumph:

Can I be black, or is it not allowed?

You can be a black Half-Elf if you want.

Fuck man, Gestalt rules for for a 3.X game are gonna make this insane.