Duelyst, Now in OPEN BETA


Duelyst, a hybrid of tactical strategy and digital card game, hit open beta recently. Anyone can sign up and play.


It is much more balanced with a good playerbase than it was in pre alpha days, it is a fantastic game with a draft mode (like hearthstone arena), tutorials which are fun one turn puzzles that teach you the game, as well as competitive ranked mode.

Getting Started


This reminds me of a flash game I used to play back when Newgrounds was hot.

I might give this a shot.


Mentioned this in the PC thread, but yeah it’s pretty good stuff. Takes a while to get started on real decks though.


Yeah game is great. I think the business model they’ve adopted is something that might hurt them though. It is pretty much hearthstone’s accept you can’t let quests accumulate (meaning to maximize value you have to play everyday), quests are play as a faction rather than choice between two classes, and other small differences. Hearthstone can get away with this model cause it is Blizzard which automatically brought a ton of people, then it also was the first card game many people tried out. However Duelyst is coming much later, and how many will want to grind again. That is the question.


The grind turned me off when our collections got completely reset from the initial testing phases. I feel like you probably earn cards faster overall in Duelyst than in Hearthstone, but not sure that’s gonna matter. They have been adding new ways to get new cards along the way, latest one was a monthly bonus pack including guaranteed rarity depending on your ranking for the month.


Bump. Kind surprised not more people are into this.
Game is great. Magic The Gathering combined with Tactics RPG? It’s awesome.


Couldn’t get into Hearthstone, liked the movement aspects of this one a little more. And there’s definitely a playerbase, it never takes very long at all to find a match, 10-15 seconds at most.


There is a playerbase, agreed. It isn’t officially released right now, still in open beta. Right now only ranked mode, and arena only Wednesdays and Saturdays to make sure it takes very little time to find match. Casual mode, story mode, and 24/7 Arena coming on official release.

I still think the hearthstone model which is very grindy, is going to hurt them. With a more friendly economical model this game is a guaranteed smash hit. With how it is presently, I think it will have an audience but I don’t know if it will get big. Grindy games require a big time investment, and if ppl are already doing that for Hearthstone they likely will not be enthused about doing it for another game.


“Duelyst” is Norwegian for “Pigeon Lust”.

As a Norwegian, I was mildly disappointed to find that it was just a fancy English misspelling.


Just started playing yesterday.
Did all the challenges I could… But need to play more games to open up some more.

I’ve settle on Songhai because they were the first ones I tried and I don’t feel like learning an new race lol


When you say “MTG”, is there stuff like Ramp spells, Instants, Sorcery, Mana, Burn and what not? If so… sign me up for that.


Example of a hand I may play…

Place my backstabbing unit on the map for 3 mana
Use a spell to activate him instantly instead of waiting next turn (the spell can only be cast on units with 3 or less dmg) 1 mana
Use a spell to give him +1 dmg (now he has 4 dmg) and teleport him anywhere on the map 1 mana
Teleport him behind the enemies general
Attack for whatever damage + backstab
Use a flare attack to hit the enemy general for 3 dmg 2 mana

I think the 16 bit graphics keep my interest too!


Yeah Songhai has some crazy combos lol. They used to be even more OD, because they had so much free burn damage on top of their burst combos. Spiral Technique used to be a 5 mana that did 5 damage to any unit AND the enemy general at the same time, thank god that’s gone lol. 3x Phoenix Fire + 3x Spiral Tech was 24 free damage to the general on it’s own with no real counterplay outside of just healing it back.

Right now I think most of the classes are in a pretty good spot. If anything I’d put Lyonar a little lower just because they’re expensive to build decks for.


I saw this Lantern Fox deck. How does that work?


Lantern Fox is just a boss and all of your buffs work twice as well because of Celerity. So if you can keep their life high enough you can attack 4, even 6 times in a turn.


If you guys are ever down to play me, add me.
Username: Pozer


lol Can’t beat my friends Vanar deck. And he has been playing the same amount of time as I, if not less.

I think I am playing Songhai wrong… I should hold on to certain cards unless I can combo them.
I just lay everything out when I get it and then it gets rekt and I get rekt and my life is rekt.


I’m still trying to figure out how to approach my opponents. Game is interesting.


Biggest weakness of Songhai is the weak starting stats for their cards. Even legendaries like Lantern Fox only start as a 3/3 unit. Has to rely on burn damage and Deathstrike seal/assassinate units until you can build a good combo.

I’ve mostly just been playing Magmar with a Golem Metalurgist deck because I don’t play enough and it’s cheap af to build lol. You just throw bare numbers out on the field and try to control the board. Mana curve can be a big issue if you get all your expensive shit up front, of course.


What is burn damage?