Dug up some old school vids

I was cleaning my desk today and stumbled upon some old CDs I backed up a long time ago. Naturally I decided to check and I found some old shit I thought was long gone. I’m not sure if you can get these on GFB, but if not I’d be willing to send them to someone for hosting. Heres a few things I found:

-All of James Chens original MC2 combo exhibitions like:
Team Assist Volumes 1-4
Cammy and Charlie Solo Combos
Omega Red Carbonadium Coil Exhibition

-CvS1 Finals Chen vs. Valle

-A3 Maki (female Japnese player) beasting with A-Chun Li against V-Goukis and Zangiefs.

-The B4 trailer

-A3 Japan Invitational November 21, 1999
Finals - V-Zangief vs. A-Sakura

-MvsSF Paranoiac Exhibition by Ozzy, Bass, Liquid Metal, and Melon

-MC2 Combo Vids Volumes 1 and 2 by Joo

I have a lot more discs to go through, before I post up anymore shit lemme know if anyone has an interest in this stuff and is willing to host.

Id like to see the Valle CvS1 vid, cant host right now though. :sad:

I’m sure a lot of people would like to see Chen vs Valle.

A quick check of my vids tells me I don’t have the B4 Trailer. I’d love to see that as well.

Man I’d love to see all of those! Some one please host!

BTW is that Valle one the one where he’s using Yuri?

I believe he’s Kim… using a lot of s.lk and sweep footsies. Chen is… lemme dig in my memory… Cammy?

contact combovideos.com Im sure they will host.

Do those match vids happen to be SHGL/ShinJN/SRK exclusives? Didn’t think anyone kept my videos from way back then. Anyone have my Sol Exhibition Video? lol.

I’d like to see the A3 Vids, please =D

Ok sorry I made a small mistake, its Scott A. using Nako in CvS1, not Choi. Again sorry for the mixup. Anyways heres the matches I found so far for CvS1:

-January 4, 2000
Chen using EX Vice, Cammy, and EX Mai vs. Cannon using Blanka, Sim, and EX Terry

-November 11, 2000
Chen using EX Yuri, EX Benimaru, EX Vice and Cammy vs. Valle using King and Yamazaki

Jason Wilson using EX Honda, Sim, and Blanka vs. Scott A. using Nako and Morrigan

Valle using EX Terry and Ryu vs. Scott A. using Nako and Morrigan

also dug up a MC2 match of Duc using team shoto vs. M.D.N.

Got a lot more discs to go through btw.

could you upload the cvs1 matches? I don’t have enough webspace left to host them but you could use www.uploadit.org for now.

old school footage is always interesting :tup:

Ex? Damn, booo

that one of chen vs. valle, is that the one that chen made that big write up on?

If you want you could upload them on my streamload account as well.

Sounds like you’re covered for now. :tup:

Ummm i’m assuming you don’t know the difference between cvs1 EX characters and CVS2 EX characters

I remember this match. One of the biggest WTF endings ever. Now that I think about it, I’m sure something like that happened in a lot of CvS1 matches but match vids were rare back then.

I also remember the James Chen vs. Inkblot match. Terry must have POWER DUNK!ed like 10 times and never got punished for it.

Both great matches, even if it is CvS1. I, for one, would love to see these again.

someone should go and put those one alpha 2 matchs up valle vs choi or whatever.

:lame: what the fuck is final showdown doing in this tread go back romancancel bitch

I’ll try and get Shinji on AIM tonight for some uploads, guess I’ll start with the CvS1 stuff and the A3 Maki vids.

For MC2, any requests? I have shit from 2001…stuff like Valle using MegaMan, Sentinel, Blackheart.